Online Prescriptions

My sister and I are trying to get set up for me to order my mother’s presriptions online—the purpose is to be sure they arrive at her door safely so that she doesn’t have to go out to get them. I see that this is possible from a number of sources by mail. Can anyone recommend a source as more dependable than another? Or better at pricing? She is 88 years old. Her prescriptions appear to be common geriatric meds for BP etc. Nothing unusual.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated…Be well all!..

my medical insurance does it by mail order automatically.

I personally go to the pharmacy - do you know if her insurance supports this?

Hi Judith
I would first take a look at her supplemental insurance as a source for her meds. Often times they will offer to mail her prescriptions to her for a 3 month supply at a substantial savings if she will go through get them. You would have to get her doc to sign the prescription sheet, but the savngs with this way to go is pretty good ( usually) If she frequently switches meds or dosages this wouldn’t work very well, but if things are stable it may be ideal. Hope this helps.