Mail Order Medication Exceptions: Did you know?

We are leaving for a family vacation next week so I went online and ordered a few diabetes supplies that we need for the trip. We use a mail order pharmacy and when I placed the order on their site, I was told that our insurance wouldn't allow Arden's Apidra prescription to be refilled until the 9th of June. This normally wouldn't be an issue but since we are leaving only a few days later, the insulin wouldn't arrive in time. But this story has a happy ending... click the link for the rest

that's terrible...disgusting...inconprehenssible...etc...

I'm confused. Terrible because why? We may be looking at this glass in different ways.

shoshana27 did you click the link to read the rest of Scott's article?

Scott thanks for sharing... I remember once when I was little I had like 5 strips left and I didnt tell my parents until after dinner time, knowing that mail order strips were coming later in the week. My Dad was able to make some calls and get more strips to make it through the week at the local pharmacy.

Recently, I have had my doctors office call for an exception for a med my MD rX that required step therapy.

i've had t1 for 76+ years & when i travelled i always carried double the amount i needed.the ada recommends that we always carry more than we does my endo.

Could you ask them to send it to the vacation address?
I do not have many kind words for mailorder pharmacies

not if you go to israel for 8 weeks like i did

was not on pump then nor tested bg like now . also was not on medicare then