Ontarian dexcom users with coverage

I would like to know if any Ontarians have an insurance plan that covers dexcom sensors?

They’re covered (or rather, subsidized) by the Assistive Devices Program.

CGMs and related supplies are in the section NOT covered by ADP.

You’re right, and it couldn’t be clearer on the web page. My apologies.

It’s about the only thing my insurance will cover, it seems. If all the companies would make diabetes stuff affordable we wouldn’t need insurance. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I still don’t understand why the latest meter I bought goes for $19.99 and at the current exchange rate, that would be about $27 for me, yet I had to pay $45. Diabetes is merely one of the highly profitable diseases… so I sadly doubt there will be a cure, or many, many people will become unemployed. I digress, that is for another thread.

While alot of people benefit from our condition, on the other hand Ontario’s healthcare system wouldn’t be so bogged down if diabetes was cured. Also, if cgms were covered I would be the first to see that.

Hi, I’m curious about your having paid for a glucose meter. I recently switched to a more accurate meter and all the models of meters at Shopper’s Drug Mart were given for free if I bought some test strips for it (which I needed to do in any case).

Regarding the original question about insurance coverage for CGM supplies, I’m about to get a Dexcom and it appears that my base plan will not cover anything but I am allowed to use the “flex” account of my plan ($1,000/year) to pay for CGM supplies. This effectively means though that I’ll now be paying out of pocket for glasses and other stuff since CGM will quickly eat up the full $1,000. So it’s helpful but only puts a dent in the expected cost.

What do you mean by the “flex account” in your plan? My insurance covers my strips and and medications but not the sensors.

Insurance won’t cover strips for another few weeks. 1 box of strips costs 2-3x what the meter cost.


I imagine plans differ, but my benefits package through my employer provides a base plan with various coverages (CGM not covered at all under the base plan), and the plan also has $1,000/y that I can use to pay for various other items, such as prescription glasses, or to cover any amounts for massage, physiotherapy, prescription drugs, etc. beyond the thresholds in the base plan. I can also choose to use this amount towards my CGM costs.

My base plan fully covers all my diabetes supplies other than CGM (ie. test strips, insulin, lancets, etc.).

My SunLife plan covers everything to do with the CGM systems but now I have to see if ADP will cover the cost of my new pump after the warranty has run out on my Ping Pump now

I’m led to believe that whether an item is covered under an employer benefits plan or not is a decision made by the employer. The insurance company is simply administering the coverage that the employer has selected. So while it’s interesting to know whether others’ plans typically cover CGM costs, I don’t think it would be right to make a general statement that, for example, GWL covers CGM and SunLife doesn’t. (Not saying anyone is saying that, just making an observation).

I think it depends on who the employer as I was with the government and have it in writing they will cover it also when they stopped or started covering things it was up to the company they in a way follow OHIP rules

I Was told I had coverage for sensors only but when I submitted receipts they paid for the receiver and everything.