Oprah to discuss diabetes on Thursday's show

The last time Dr. Oz appeared with HRH Oprah, my mother called me to tell me to use cinnamon. I’m T1. Thanks, mom.

No doubt this will be sound bites of eat healthy, exercise, lose weight along with a bunch of scare stats. Once again, people will be blamed for their inactivity, weight, whatever.

Maybe Oprah will give out meters to the audience:) I can’t stand her.

Reader’s Digest medical info for the masses. Too bad the real facts aren’t portrayed.

Yes, I agree. Because they only address type 2 and give erroneous information about that then it hurts all people with diabetes regardless of the type. At least they could say, there are different forms of diabetes and they are addressing type 2 at least their erroneous advice of type 2.

And don’t forget that about 20% of those diagnosed with type 2 are actually LADA or type 1.5

Perhaps, do you think, she will host Halle Berry as one of her guests as well? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oprah and Dr. Oz are both idiots. There, I said it!


I second that Shannon. I used to enjoy her show. I don’t even bother anymore.

There is a spot to comment for the upcoming show. Come on tuDiabete, let them know about what you have been expressing here.


I saw something at the tail end of Access Hollywood last night that confused the heck out of me. It was Dr. Oz (who I love, but am now wondering about) telling Carnie Wilson that based on her blood glucose test results, she is “borderline diabetic.” Her result was 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/l). WTF? That’s a perfect blood sugar! What is going on with him? Am I missing something?

Click here to view a clip. Watch for it when the countdown clock is around :25.

(And don’t get me started on this “borderline diabetic” crap).

I agree with you this is exploitation of a person for ratings getting a celebrity on and then shocking her and the audience.

On the flip side Dr Bernstein and others want a persons fasting blood sugar at around 83 fasting. Dr Bernstein would tell her the same thing as Dr Oz however he is even more conservative and would have told her she is diabetic as he doesn’t believe in pre- diabetes.

In my own journey I wish my doctor would have told me the same thing when I was hovering around 117 for many years and I trusted the doctor and never gave a thought to it.

Now how many can achieve 83 BG for fasting, probably few in the population in their 30’s- and up. Thanks for the video link.

As I type 1 diabetic, I cannot imagine being upset about a blood sugar of 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/l)! To me, that’s as good as it gets. I just don’t get what Dr. Oz was saying!

To the non-diabetic, hearing him say “your blood sugar is 100!” sounds bad, because 100 is a high number, but they don’t know that that’s a good result.

Imagine if the show was Canadian, and her blood sugar actually was bad: “Your blood sugar is 15!” Doesn’t sound so bad, until you realize that 15 mmol/l is 270 mg/dl.

I’d love to bury Oprah in a ton of diabetes mail! Lets get a letter together we all can send to her.

There is a reply on the next page (click here for link) that suggested the same thing. There is a place on her web site where you can comment on the show. Lots of people are doing so.


I think that’s a little over dramatic (but isn’t that what Dr. Oz and Oprah do most of the time? :wink:

In the medical community, any sort of fasting BG that is between 100-125 is considered pre-diabetes. Anything 126 and above is considered diabetes. A person without diabetes should usually stay under 100, and especially if what Dr. Oz measured was a fasting GTT.
Here is the criteria from WHO about a diagnosis of diabetes:

1999 WHO Diabetes criteria (I can’t get this chart to copy right, so here’s the format:)
2 hour glucose
Fasting glucose

mmol/l(mg/dl) mmol/l(mg/dl)

<7.8 (<140)
<6.1 (<110)

Impaired fasting glycaemia
<7.8 (<140)
≥ 6.1(≥110) & <7.0(<126)

Impaired glucose tolerance
≥7.8 (≥140)
<7.0 (<126)

Diabetes mellitus
≥11.1 (≥200)
≥7.0 (≥126)

Yes, so her glucose (possibly fasting, we don’t know), which was 5.5 mmol/l (100 mg/dl), puts her in the “normal” group because it is less than 6.1 mmol/l (110 mg/dl).

I completely agree. I’m not saying that Dr. Oz is right (or wrong), I was only pointing out that some in the medical community use the 100-126 ‘pre-diabetes’ scale (not the WHO scale that I also listed).

As with any of these items, it’s relative to the person. For example the different ‘camps’ of A1c levels (7.5 is fine vs. those who say under 7 or even under 6.5, etc).

Should Dr. Oz have been so hellfire and brimstone with her saying, “Oh my God you’re going to die in 5 seconds if you don’t change your ways!”? Probably not. That’s how he gets his ratings I suppose :slight_smile: I also don’t know her other medical factors (as I had only watched the clip that was provided) that may have caused his ‘alarm’ i.e. cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, other autoimmune disease presence that would increase her risk of diabetes, etc etc.

I agree Bradford with your post. It does make for dramatic television and that is what they are looking for.

With the number of reality shows exploiting people no matter what ails them it is sickening and is a sad commentary on television.

I am copying part of a message I received from someone in regards to the show. I fully agree with it:
"Several people who were in the audience were not surprised to find the show geared towards uncontrolled type 2 (highlighting a group of African-American women all from the same church who are living an unhealthy lifestyle and struggling with when diabetes goes wrong). While realistic, it was also depressing and did not show a balanced view by showcasing anyone (T1 or T2) who made changes and was living well. With up to 40% of adults in the U.S. having prediabetes or diabetes, and the fact that there is a fourfold increase in the risk of major complications in patients who do not receive diabetes education versus those who do, it sounds like an incredible opportunity to reach the masses was missed.

Please watch the show, decide for yourselves. I have written the producer to voice concerns. We need to be at the table! Encourage comments be sent to: http://www.oprah.com/contact_us.html (see Oprah’s mail - we hear you). Maybe if she hears from enough of us, they’d consider doing a follow-up show about diabetes health as an option, and of course by having a diabetes educator as part of the team to help provide the tools necessary to get there.

Several recent media events have focused on the effects of uncontrolled diabetes. Let’s help turn the tide. If people don’t even know we exist, let alone the benefit of our expertise, we will have less success with our legislative efforts."

I think the idea of a follow-up show that focuses on successful diabetics (preferably a number of type 1s!), and the various technological, behavioural and psychological aspects that are a part of excellent diabetes self-care. People should know that there are tools like CGMS and insulin pumps that can help us so much, but are very expensive and are not covered by many insurance plans. We could explain how it’s cheaper for governments to fund insulin pumps now, rather than pay for advanced medical treatment of diabetes complications later. It would also be nice to have some discussion about the difficulty of living with chronic illness.

Plus, she could have Jay Cutler (go Bears!) as a guest. The Chicagoans would like that!

What makes Dr. Oz an expert on any type of diabetes, type 1, 2, or LADA? I spend 14 years under the care of three different primary care doctors and an endocrinologist that diagnosed me incorrectly (and maintained that diagnosis) with type 2, and two of my brothers refuse to follow my advise and question their own doctors who are treating them for type 2.

I don’t think Dr. Oz, like many in GP, has the correct ‘tool kit’ for presenting the facts about diabetes, type 1 or type 2. I agree we need to bombard the show with messages.


OK, came back in and edited this post after msging Oprah’s show. Suggested they skype in Manny for their live show on Friday.