Organic Foods?

We currently do not eat organic but are considering it (especially the foods my daughter likes to eat). My question is, did you see a difference in your glucose numbers by eating whole foods?

You are most likely not going to see a difference in numbers but eating all natural or organic foods is definitely a plus not to mention the reduction in processed ingredients and chemicals. Considering all the chemical/pills/insulin that an average diabetic takes any reduction has got to be better for you. All and Organic foods taste better as well.

Thanks Dave. I wanted to try some of the foods to see if my daughters glucose numbers improved or atleast leveled out instead of some of the foods that make her spike for hours. I appreciate the advise! Have a good day!

I didn’t necessarily see a difference in #'s, but most things definitely taste better. Avoid anything that’s “enriched”, refined, processed, or “white” (like Wonder Bread, white rice) They are stripped of all their nutrients. Choose whole wheat instead. While organic is more expensive, it’s worth the extra $$$.

I can’t afford store bought $$$ organic foods. So I grow my own and I agree organic does taste better. To me, growing my own is worth the time and effort, and the expense is minimal.

Aside from less of a toxic load from chemicals & insecticides, organic produce has more nutrients. Maybe that’s why they taste better. Organically raised, free range eggs have a better lipid profile. Organic chicken tastes nothing like it’s non-organic counterpart.

I’d like to raise chickens for their eggs, but fox are a problem in my area in addition to zoning laws making chickens illegal in residential areas. We had ducks for awhile. No one complained. The zoning laws are complaint driven. The ducks were great for garden pest control and meant to be eaten (white Peking). However, once they were named, I couldn’t bring myself to wring their necks.

Duck eggs are great!