Orlando fl speak up!

anyone know of an Endocrinologist near Orlando who also delves into the natural side of healing?? anything including reflexology, nutritions, etc?

I’m also looking for a dietician/endocrinologist/nutritionist who can help me adjust my diet to my intense 5 day a week workouts.

How about a phrenologist to go along with the reflexologist? :slight_smile: I doubt you’ll find an endocrinologist who delves into pseudoscience- endocrinology is a demanding field that doesn’t leave a lot of time to explore crackpot stuff on the side. You can become a reflexology “expert” in with 6 months of home study. . .I don’t know that I’d want such things a part of my diabetes care.

I recommend looking into someone with a sports medicine background…it is nigh impossible to find a doctor who can give practical advice to an intermediate/advanced/elite athlete who is also Type 1 but the sports medicine guys and gals can get you pretty close.

thanks jason!