Orthostatic hypotension & diabetes

How many of you are there have orthostatic hypotension along with diabetes? I haven't had D for very long, just over two years and I thought I controlled it fairly well but nonetheless I now have bld pressure typically 150/80 laying down and typically 103/72 standing up. heart rate also differs from 50 laying down and around 70's-80's standing up. It is annoying to be whoozy every morning. I've been told by my doc it is because diabetes caused it.

What do you do about it?

I guess everything is relative. My standing blood pressure is usually 80/50, sitting is 90/55. Unless I'm in the doctor's office, then it's 180/85 and they're trying to give me blood pressure pills. I think in my case the problem is autonomic neuropathy, which was not caused by diabetes but was a result of an autoimmune attack that also caused diabetes. My A1C has not been over 5.4 for 5 years but the blood pressure anomalies have not changed. I think I've just adjusted to them, it's not very often I can't function, a couple of times when my BP has been 65/40 or something. Then I try to sit and have a couple of cups of coffee or tea until it's higher. When I worked I'd call in and tell them I needed to be a couple of hours late. Now that I'm retired it doesn't matter, I just stay in bed a while longer. The bottom line is, unless your blood sugar has been very, very high I doubt that's the cause.

No, it hasn't been "very, very high" and like you, my A1C is low. I have had a couple of times over 160 BG this year, and that to me is just not enough to kill nerve cells. If I have any autoimmune issues, there are no other clues. I drink more fluids, esp. G2 Gatorade to help the hypotension.

Mild dehydration is a typical cause.....

Definately staying well hydrated can help. I would guess your average person doesn't realize how much fluid it takes to stay hydrated. When you factor in caffeine, soda, exercise and all the other things that can make you dry. Also, check your meds. Lots of them can cause problems with BP. My orthostatic hypotension is worse is the summer months when its hot and humid due to vasodilation, and i have to decrease my bp meds.

It's caused from rapidly going from a sitting or laying down position to standing, it can be prevented by slowly standing up or slowly going from a laying to sitting position to standing position.

I have this trouble too because I take an ACE blocker, a tiny dose for kidney protection. My pressure at the doc is around 110/70 but I know it goes low when I stand up and everything goes blac for a second. I always thought it was the meds, now Im rethinking it

That's not the case with me, but I understand it's a common thing with older people.