Our Happy DexCom Friends - video trifecta

As we began our CGM adventure with much trepidation, we were embraced, truly embraced, by our friends Bill and Suzanne.

I think the first time I “met” Bill was when he commented on Caleb’s low video and dubbed him a “Diabetic Ninja“. Shortly thereafter he named Caleb “Diabetic of the Day“ in one of his own videos. Bill was one of the first people who found us through Caleb’s face on YouTube. I remember how Caleb smiled when he saw that he was in Bill’s video. As I’m sure was intended, it made him happy.

We have kept in touch with Bill and he and Caleb even have a friendly rivalry over their favorite baseball teams – Bill’s Red Sox v. Caleb’s Yankees.

Through Bill, we met Suzanne. Suzanne and I tweeted a great deal about DexCom. She answered my
unending questions and understood my apprehensions about putting Caleb
through another skin piercing process. She knew of Caleb and Bill’s
relationship and asked if a video from Bill might help us prepare for
our training. Of course the answer was, “yes”.

So Bill and Caleb made a deal to make videos for each other.

Here’s Bill’s.

Suzanne also joined in the video encouragement.

To which Caleb responded.

Bill and Suzanne helped us so much through our CGM transition. They went out of their way to make these videos for Caleb and sent us many
heartfelt emails and tweets. Thank you my happy diabetic friends!

“It’s all about your attitude!” Yours are fantastic, influential and even contagious!!

This is Caleb...