Our Sons affective type 1 treatment

Hi, just to clarify, there is no affective treatment for type1 and there probably wont be one for years to come. We are sorry to hear something like this as much as many of you probably are. The only affective treatment is nutrition!
My son got diagnosed with type1 when he was 3 years old. For some time we were doing the standard diet suggested by our doctors and had hard time keeping blood sugar in safe ranges. Really hard in fact, even though we were weighing all the carbs and dosing insulin acordingly. After a while we were fed up with always worrying about his health and what these extreme ups and downs can do to him. We started reserching the internet and came across some revolucionary conclusions. Now he’ll be 6 years old soon with almost zero problems with blood sugars. Sometimes it goes a bit low, but that is easily corrected. For now we will link 2 videos for you to check out.
If anyone wants any other information about the diet, like what he eats, when and how much, post here and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Indept video, must watch:

This is eye opening post from an well informed an onest doctor:

Hope you will take these videos to heart, becouse they really work.
With hopes that you find some peace in mind as we did, farewell.

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Welcome to TuD @Trojan! It’s good to read that you have found a successful way of eating for your young type 1 diabetic (T1D) son. As a T1D myself, I’ve been using a low carb way of eating for many years now and have also found it valuable in keeping volatile blood sugars in check. It’s the single biggest factor that allows me to keep metabolic mayhem at bay.

Just be aware that not everyone agrees with this style of eating for diabetes. We have a saying around here, abbreviated to YDMV or your diabetes may vary. Each of our bodies differ somewhat and our preferences, especially eating preferences, do as well.

Good to see you join the community and look forward to your continued participation. Thanks for the video inks.

I am so glad it worked for your son. That diet did not work for me. I was low all the time and almost went to dka at least once in hospital. So never again. I need a certain amount of carbs to be stable.

I would strongly disagree. The only ~effective~ treatment for T1 is insulin. Lack of nutrition is not something I struggle with or suffer from, lack of insulin is.

People effectively manage t1 with many different diets. Low carb diets are found helpful for many, including me (except I love food too much to be very strict about it) but all diets with T1s still require insulin.

Watched part of the second video. Just can’t take anyone seriously who defines hyperglycemia as >111…

Then he cites “studies” which were just people voluntarily agreeing to self-reportedly eat 75g of carbs (he does acknowledge they weren’t real studies) and then saw markedly more stable blood sugars… fair enough—- the thing is though 75g a day is a fairly moderate low carb diet and nowhere near a ketogenic diet