Out of range messages

Hi. I’m on day 6 of my first week with Dex, and it’s been working great (and staying stuck, thanks to skin prep wipes and flexifix tape – that stuff is da bomb!). Starting last night, I’ve been getting occasional “out of range” messages, even when the receiver is clipped to my pants or in a pocket on the same side of my body as the transmitter, so they’re only a few inches apart. Is this a sign that my sensor is reaching the end of its life? Or something else?

Hi Ann,
Of course you know that when charging your Dexcom receiver, it will give you out of range, otherwise, if it happens often, as it did for me, you need to call Dexcom tech support, let them look at what you have loaded on your computer, and then possibly have them send you a replacement transmitter. I only share what happened in my case, I am still on my first year with Dexcom, and I find it a great help.

That has nothing to do with the sensor. I find that my receiver is more likely to go out of range when the battery is low. It could also be a sign the transmitter is not working properly (batteries low or whatever) - it’s warrantied for a year, so don’t be afraid to call Dex and ask them about it.

Charging doesn’t make my dex receiver go out of range… if anything it helps the range. It does go out of range if I leave it plugged into the computer though, but as far as I know it won’t charge over USB.

Thanks, Erika – that might have been the problem. At one point it was on the desk near me, but also near my stapler, paper clips, etc. It has been behaving itself today!