Out of Range Overnight

Last night my transmitter went out of range from 3am until I awoke at 7:30am. The receiver was on the nightstand, 3ft away, and the transmitter was on my tricep (back of my upper arm). The signal was good for the first 4 hours of sleep, but then it was lost. In the morning, it took over an hour for the receiver to come back into range. The transmitter stayed clipped into the sensor properly all night.

Any advice on preventing an out of range error in the middle of the night? Any advice on getting it to come back in range faster in the morning?

[363-Dexcom.JPG|attachment](upload://ukCMpbEjgkdbRqGMKfVQPOt5hvA.jpeg) (587 KB)

Weird. I'd call Dexcom and ask them... if they have an answer, pls post it here!
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It kinda renders the Dexcom USELESS when it does stuff like that, doesn't it?

How do you distinguish between "went out of range" and "went ???" ?

Out of Range shows a red circle with a line across a trasmitter icon

How old is your transmitter? If it's beyond six months, it's out of warranty and perhaps is operating on the ragged edge, but not bad enough to trip the low transmitter battery alert/warning.

Was your receiver fully charged? Is it out of warranty?

Did you actually see the "out of range" icon during the episode? I'll get periods of dropped data when I compress the sensor/transmitter between me and the bed. But that's marked by the "???" alert, not the out of range alert.

If you call Dexcom, be aware that they don't approve of alternate sensor sites, like the arms.

The transmitter is new and the receiver was fully charged. I did see the Out of Range icon when I woke up. Maybe I should call Dexcom. Thanks for the heads up!

Same here. If I get the sensor between me and the bed, water bed that is, it will go out of range. If I roll over it comes back in a few minutes. It is an out of range alert.

I don't have a water bed, but my body is basically full of water. I just don't think my body was ever really blocking the sensor from the receiver. But I was asleep - I could be wrong!

I've seen my Dexcom work from 1 or 2 rooms away for long periods of time. But occasionally it does go away for no reason at close distances, usually only for a reading or two but not for hours. Radio signals are funny things though. Especially when things like Sun spots are in full swing http://www.grantchronicles.com/astro42.htm

Wow, Scott, I hadn't thought of that! Another new factor to track.

I’ve had similar problems ever since I changed to the new slimmer, transmitter two weeks ago. Since I get 3 wks out of each sensor, I’m still in the same site. I may change it out tomorrow at two wks just to rule out it being the site/sensor vs the transmitter.

I've had the same problem. I also have started having issues with CGM sitting next to me and not communicating.

I have experienced times where the receiver was in my pocket and it still read out of range but then it comes back within a few minutes. However, the question marks popped up about 2 hours before I went to bed and they stayed so I stopped the sensor and put in a new one and the new one worked just fine.

I dont worry about seeing that during the day but I cant go to bed with the transmitter not working bc if I experience a bad low I wont wake up and the dexcom keeps me from dropping to those dangerous lows. :-(