Overnight highs

Ok I need some help here. I’m 26, active, and have pretty good control over my diabetes. I get off work at 6 every night and I go straight to the gym to get a lift in and I am typically there until 8. Every night for the past two weeks or so I am having these ridiculous spikes at about 4-5am regardless of me eating dinner at night or not. Last night my bg dipped to about 78 while I was sleeping at 5am and the rapidly increased to 342. What could possibly cause this and how do I fix it. I’m tired of feeling tired all the time now.

@aellington What you’re describing sounds like Dawn Phenomenon. You can use the search function to find numerous discussions on this forum, many describing measure you can take to deal with this.

My dawn phenomenon is never that severe,
However you are lifting weights so you need to consider that.

When you work out your muscles ,they can actually release sugar before they start using sugar.

When your muscles are damaged from injury or working out ,they can become leaky and leak sugar while your body is trying to repair them.

This is normal as we sort of tear our muscles a tiny bit when working out and then they grow bigger.
That’s why you feel sore after working out.

I had a similar issue when it was on a rowing team in college.
I would have this incredibly big spike after gym and after rowing hard for competition etc.

My doctor told me I was overdoing my workouts, so I eased up a bit but it’s really hard to do when you are on a team.
My issues got better from not pushing so much.
However I tended to just increase my basal insulin 25 percent for 6 hours from start of my workout.

That formula helped me a lot when I was on injections. However now on a pump I think it would be easier to manage.
I’m too old for all that now but I still spike after aggressive hikes or trail running. If my muscles are sore, I just expect I’ll get high for a few hours.

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These were problems I had way back when I first tired pumping. I wanted to get the ok to try and have a baby, but couldn’t get the overnights in target. Only way was using a pump that could handle different basal rates during the overnight.
Now with my Tandem, it can handle the changes that happen each and everyday. Some nights, I need more insulin and some nights I need less and this pump just handles it. So like last night I went low around 3 & it turned off before I got an alarm. But 2 nights ago, it had my basal almost double my normal rate. So cool to not have to think about it.
Not saying a pump is what you have to do, but sometimes thinking about different treatment plans might be a possibility. I was not happy about wearing a piece of equipment 24/7 but now after all these years, I don’t even think about it.
And of course as with everything diabetes, sometimes there is just no reason for the blood sugar and it is useless to try and figure it out. We have all had those numbers that just do make sense, but there they are. Most times, I have a good idea why, but sometimes, it’s just correct and move on!

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