Dawn Phenomenon Adjusting?

I was wondering if anyone has ever had their dawn phenomenon actually move from earlier in the morning to later in the morning.

Or from early in the morning to later at night?

Mine seems to have moved from about 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.
I've also noticed a strange peak around 11 p.m. or midnight every night. And then it's SO hard to get it to come back down.

Could the late night peak be caused by a higher fat meal? That seems to be the case with me and fat caused highs can last seemingly forever! Maybe the cause of your delayed DP, as well?

My overnight readings are also a little wacky too sometimes, but it seems to be what I had for dinner that is more of the contributing factor. Potatoes, pizza and pasta seem to give me a spike around 3-4am. But we are all different and the longer I have this crazy disease, the more I learn, the more I have to figure out on an ongoing basis. Even where I place the pod often has an effect on absorption, occlusions/failures, etc. Keep good records about what you eat, BS's, insulin, exercise, etc and it might help you figure out what affects you. Good luck, Hank


This link states that the dawn phenomenon takes places anywhere from 2am to 8am so it could be possible. Or it could be that you had a high fat snack at bedtime or an insulin adjustment is needed.

My daughter goes through the dawn phenomenon around 3am every morning. She drinks milk as her snack before bed just before 7pm . (bedtime is 7pm) We have increased her basal multiple times over the years but she still has that early morning high. We definitely see the increase now that we have the Dexcom G4. The more we increase basal to correct the 3am high the lower she is in the morning when she wakes up at 6. Just crazy how that works.

Yes, I have noticed these things change over time - like almost everything with diabetes.

Right now, I have peaks similar to you. My highest basal rates are midnight to about 2:30am, then I back off to avoid a low at 4am, then raise it again to prevent a rise that starts at 6 am or so.

Like most here have said, what you eat matters. Fats and "sugar alcohols" can really mess things up. This is why I can't wait for the CGM integration with the pods.