I have been getting up at 1:00 am to check my glucose level lately. Last night I was 129. At 7:00 am I am 261. The reading at 1:00 was seven hours after eating. The meal was leftover homemade pizza which I ate with no problems on Friday.

I have been having these huge swings at night, both with morning highs and overnight lows. I made a smalll basal change after a low of 29 one night last week from .3 to .275. Now I have had two really high readings (really high for me) in the morning and I am confused..

No stress, not getting sick. Any thoughts on why I am jumping all over the place, just overnight?

Well your BG was typical for someone eating Pizza...a slow boiling long lasting Hi. I'm sure some will say "O" I can eat pizza, "I have found it to be unpredictable". My BG is impacted by what I have done over the past 24-48 hours not just my last meal. Having a couple of low BG at night is not a good reason for me to change my basal setting. If my overnight average was low I would consider a change. I turn down my basal at 11pm and let my BG climb from the 90's to around 120-130 buy 3 am, then my basal jumps to a high setting until 11 am this has eliminated all but a handful of night time lows in the past 5 years and my A1c has been normal for 5 years also...before I started doing this I was cursed with low BG at night and high BG in the morning and felt like someone beat me with a bat while I was sleeping...life is good now.


I think you need more data before deciding how to correct the problem. I'd set an alarm and check around 3 or 4 AM to get a better handle on when your blood sugar is shooting up.

Unlike JohnG, I would make a basal adjustment for a 29 at night. I might eventually change back but safety comes first.

I agree with John on the pizza. I wouldn't draw any conclusions at all about your basal based on that. While I agree with Maurie about being safe and adjusting for the 29, now that you have done so if you start to see a pattern of highs I would change it back. But two numbers are not enough of a pattern, especially if one is from pizza which can really throw a monkey wrench in numbers.

I know it's hard to resist tweaking basals, when you are seeing high numbers, but I would wait until you see more of a pattern (sans pizza) or else you'll get more frustrated from the roller coaster of "too high" "too low".

P.S. I make gourmet pizza (very thin crust, no tomato sauce) and I eat one piece at a time with a salad; I've had some in my freezer for months now because I know I will wake up way high. Maybe I'll eat it when the power goes out this winter.

Sorry for the frustrating numbers, I dealt with about 6 weeks of it recently - I tend to procrastinate and look for explanations when I should be acting!

This sounds somewhat similar to me. I have an ever changing and often large dawn phenomena int the wee hours of the morning. It seems like every 2-3 weeks I need to make adjustments to my overnight basals. I have not been able to make any predictions as to why or when. (Except of course strenuous exercise after dinner leads to overnight lows, of course).

It is not uncommon for out of the blue my CGM will start beeping at me at 3 am and I will test at 55. After reasonable adjustments everthing is fine, then 3 weeks later at 3 am I will test at 190. I just believe it is some odd hormone & DP interaction that medicine does not have a good understanding of yet.

My CGM provides me a level of security that allows me to shoot for lower overnight fasting levels then I would without one. I would suggest that you don't lose to much sleep trying to figure out why, instead shoot for safety and try to adapt quickly to keep you BGs in a safe range.

The pizza is something I make--crust, sauce, etc. I keep the fat to nothing and have always done well with it. It is not from Pizza Hut where it takes a week to recover. I had eaten it two times before with no adverse problems, which I feel is on my side. I can control everything I put in it from flour to sauce to cheese and historically have no high blood glucose problems. I do not think this is caused by the pizza.

I changed the overnight basals, as the 29 was miserable. I got combative with my loving husband. I still feel bad about it. To protect his sanity, I did lower it.

I have one alarm set but will add the 4 am. Will see where this goes.

Thanks. The input is helpful and makes me think....