Sugar Randomly Through the Floor

Okay, so, i know i’ve basically fallen off the face of the planet, and that’s because everything has been well. Haven’t had much reason to come around.

Until today. I woke up this morning fighting my dad about if my sugar was really 23. (It was. Saw it in the meter history and that’s when i finally drank the chocolate milk) My BG hasn’t gone over 90 all day, and i’m kinda scared to go to sleep. I’ve been backing basal rates down like mad, but my BG won’t come up… does anyone know what might be happening? And if it’s likely to stay around? I haven’t made any huge basal adjustments… mostly just temp basals.

Thanks for any and all help…

This happened to me 2 days ago exactly the same thing. I do not have an explanation for you. How much have you dropped the Temp Basal to and for how long and are you eating? I ended up over eating because I got tired of the lows…so don’t do that :slight_smile: and they came up finally, but then to the opposite of course to high. Try eating a small meal with carbs and protein and test, test, test. What number are you comfortable with to go to sleep?

Thanks. So it’s not permanent? Temp basal change is usually about -25%, and pretty much all day. Eating like i usually do. I usually go to bed around 95 or so. My sugar is usually steady as a rock through the night, but apparently the rock fell off a cliff last night. I’ve just given up on bolusing for food. Just eating and checking. About to eat dinner and see how that goes… i’ll probably try and sleep around 120 or so tonight just to be safe.

Stephen, no not permanent. Did you have any more than usual activity before bed last night? Or could you have possibly counted more carbs than you actually ate? 120 sounds like a good number to be safe tonight. You do not want to go asleep afraid. Maybe you could set an alarm for 3AM to get up and check? I know it is a pain, but sometimes a good idea to do. Also you could try dropping the Temp Basal a bit more, but just keep testing like you are. And if it keeps happening maybe a call to your Dr. might be a good idea.

It could possibly be permanent. About 2 months ago I was having to eat ~130 grams of sugar AFTER dinner to keep myself above 40 mg/dl. I had to change everything (basal, I:C, sensitivity) quite a bit. I am still using these settings. I can find no reason for this change. I hadn’t changed settings for about 4 years. ??? Sometimes I just hate DM.

I agree about setting an alarm for tonight. If you do not wake up well in the middle of the night I would suggest going to bed 70-80 mg/dl higher than normal just to be on the safe side.

Thanks. I’ll go for the alarm idea. I have no clue what’s going on, and i’d like to catch it before it becomes a problem again.

As for activity, nothing has changed there. I’m usually spot on with carbs, so i doubt i over bolused. Certainly not by enough to cause this mess.

MossDog, by permanent I was meaning not having to take insulin for food… You had the same setting for 4 years. Wow! Mine are constantly changing due to hormones, stress and sometimes for no apparent reasons other than needing adjustments…Yup, I hate DM at times too!

Thanks. I’ll see if it keeps up and call my doc about it. I’ve had times where my sugar would run at like 90 and not move much over or below it no matter what i did, but never anything like this.

I’ve been gradually increasing my basal rates over the past year or so (since i got the pump). Right now, my rates are lower than i’ve ever had them before, and i’m still on the low end of what i consider normal. (60-120 is normal for me. I’m running about 70 right now)

I have to say Amy I do not envy you at all. Although males can have hormone changes it is nothing even in the ballpark of a female. I can only imagine if I had that one more layer to deal with. Must be frustrating!!!

Yes MossDog, so very frustrating! I thought by the time I got to menopause things might get easier…Ha, no such luck it messes with the blood sugars even more :frowning:

Stephen, keep trying to get them higher before bed to be safe and set an alarm to get up and check in the middle of the night if you can.Maybe keep that lower temp basal through out the night as well. Keep some fast acting glucose nearby also! Good luck and feel better.

Unfortunately there is still a lot of insulin left in your system which is why it will not go back up! Other than going to hospital to go on a glucose drip, if I was you I would keep drinking “real” drinks such as Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade … etc, sipping it throughout the day and keep eating slow reacting carbs too.

I would keep on trying to get back up that way and even if it means eating a lot more than usual and actually going higher than you should be, keep the insulin off for a bit until tomorrow! Then deal with the highs conservatively.

Have you been a lot more active than usual? Are you growing? These could all cause these random lows. I would also go to the endo as soon as possible. For some reason your insulin might be too high.

I find this happens to me if I am using the “human” insulins, Novorapid, Novamix etc. It took me 4 years to fight for the right to change to pork insulin which still works - and I do still get hypos if I forget to eat - but is a lot more natural and less, how shall I put it, harsh! That might be worth a try. It now only happens if I am in hospital when they put me on IV insulins. They do not use pork and I have had some extremely bad hypos with it and now refuse to let them do it, unless I am unconscious. Of course they are not happy with it, but hey, it is my body and I am far more trouble to them when they cannot get me back up!

I would think that it could be permanent? I had quite a few hypos in my early 20s many of which, of course, had to do with user errors but I think that there may have been some sort of non-diabetes related change in my body that also contributed? I still see changes occasionally and if I get 3 days of goofy readings, I will nudge my basal rates up or down. I think that it’s sort of a mistake to think that your rates will never change.

I did change my pod the other night and then the following morning i had these issues start up… i’ve heard of a site performing worse, but not really this much better… it’s the same as i always use (left arm, right arm, left arm, etc). I’ll watch it at the next site change and see what it does.

I agree. Mine change usually every other week. It’s become habit to change my basal rates in the middle of the day and then keep going. This was a lot more abrupt than usual though.

My basals change often as well. Are you doing better today Stephen? Did you go low overnight?

Doing a ton better. Haven’t had any trouble at all today or yesterday… guess it was just one of those flukes.

I did find that between 12AM and 3AM (has its own basal segment) that my sugar was spiking up to 220ish and then crashing from 3AM to 5AM. I increased the basal rate from 12-3 and everything seems to have evened out now.