I am so overwhelmed after reading the things I have read on this website. I was confident that I am taking the right steps to control my Diabetes, but now I’m not so sure. I was diagnosed in '07 as a “pre-diabetic” (which now I have learned either you are or your not) but didn’t take it seriously until about 2 months ago. My AC1 is 6.7% and my range is 120 to 150 most of the time. I have only gone past 200 twice. I have changed my diet completely, lost weight and started working out. My OBGYN told me if I wanted to live longer, these are the things I have to do.

My concern is that I didn’t realize that Diabetes is a Doom and Gloom Disease. I always understood it to be a disease that can be treated if done properly with medication, diet and excercise. Also after reading on here about Metformin, I have been throughly rattled to the core. It sounds as if no matter what you do, your going to be unhealthy.

So my questions are:

What are normal ranges?

Is insulin better than pills?

Can this be treated with diet and exercise?

I want to learn about this disease as much as I can because I don’t want it to beat me.

Thanks for reading


Lana, 6.7 is a pretty good a1c, and if my bg was under 150 99% of the time, I’d be soooo happy. But then I’m type 1. You are doing all the right things like changing your diet, losing weight, exercise. Keep up the good work. My husband is type 2, and when he lost weight, he was able to go off his Metformin. You don’t have to think of it as gloom and doom.

Hi Lana! I agree with Marie! Sounds like you are doing quite well.

Many believe now that stable blood sugars are really important. 6.7 is a good A1c and it seems to reflect the average that you measure with your meter.

Continue eating healthy foods and get some exercise-- your future will not doom and gloom :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the positive feedback. At this point, it is well welcomed. I have decided to see a endocrinologist to help me moniter this even better than my MD. I am determined to get off meds and just treat it with diet and the like.

Thanks again!!! I am glad I found this site!!


Like the others have said, your A1c is very good! I wish you the best, this D is hard, but you sound like you will do fine, keep up the good work and this site will be very helpful, it has been for me. take care