Pain in the middle of the night, wakes me from sleep! Any idea?

It is 5:30am, I wake up from a severe pain in my lower right leg! It was stuffed and hurting as hell. It lasted less than a minute . Now I can feel it hurts sometimes when I move my leg!!!

Any idea about what is this?

Should I be concerned and see my physician? (With my busy schedule!)

The pain is in my gastrocnemius muscle as shown below!!

Is it like a muscle spasm or piercing pain…I would see a Dr. you want to rule out thrombosis. Scary and painful…

It is a muscle thing, since I still feel something when I move my leg, if I walked on it = pain!

Thanks for the fast reply

Is it like a cramp? I get horrible leg cramps in that exact muscle when I have been having high blood sugar. It wakes me up as well.

Not sure, but may be yes!!?

Ya my blood sugar has been really high lately, most of the time (250 - 370!) UG

I had REALLY bad cramps just before I was diagnosed. They also said that it was a potassium deficiency. So may sure you are eating from vegetables and fruits with potassium. I know that bananas, apricots, cantaloupe, broccoli, beans, lentils, potatoes, …

I agree with Kristin… But has your Doctor checked your Vitamin D…Low vitamin D can cause Chronic Pain and all sorts of unwanted thingys…muscle weakness… I was just put on 50,000btu once a week for 12 weeks…And your sugars have been high… Are you on a pump?

Am on a pump, but am a bad diabetic person, I can win the baddest diabetes rule model with no competitors!

Vitamin D and potassium, I never consider these two! I always consider B12 and B6 plus eating fiber through my fruits!
hmmmm I think am in need for both of those since I only have one cup of milk a day…BLA BLA BLA

Thank you Leticia and Kristin, I was afraid that it was a big damage and I will be losing a leg soon! I was terrified and started imagine my life on a wheelchair!!! Flashes!

Now after almost 3 hours, it is less bothering me, I still feel some pain but not as much!

i had a lot of cramps and pain in that exact muscle before i was diagnosed, it was part of peripheral neuropathy, is there any tingling or numbness?

I take a potassium tablet and a vitamin D tablet every day. Your body will get rid of what you don’t need. When my sugars ran high, I was very low on potassium and my Doctor says that they are finding that a lot of Diabetics are Vitamin D deficient. It may be something to try although it took some time until the leg and foot cramps stopped.