Pain with sensor insertion?

Hello, I am new to Dexcom I have only inserted 3 sensors. I inserted a sensor last night and it hurt but I kept it in because I didnt want to waist one. The pain went away and the CGM was very accurate, but it began hurting again whenever I moved. I wear my sensors on my stomach, Im scared to try anywhere else. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this.


one time i had pain along with a sensor and removed it after a few days when it seemed that something wasn’t right. i suspect that i hit a nerve and you did too. i go back and forth between abdomen and upper legs and i haven’t experienced any differences in either readings or usable sensor life. - allen

I just had this same problem. Usually I use the sides of my waist, but decided to give those areas a rest and use my stomach. The sensor hurt going in, then the pain went away, but for the next few days every time I moved I would get little “twinges”. Really not pleasant! I was also getting a lot of low readings (like 49 when I was really in the 70s). Those 2 things convinced me to remove that sensor – I called Dexcom and they are replacing it because of the inaccurate readings. I get the best results on the side/back of my waist – I think there may be fewer nerve endings there than on the stomach.

Thank you everyone for your reply it was very helpful! Hopefully I wont hit a nerve again