Palm Readings

People are always shocked, when I say that I use the palms of my hands to test my bloodsugar, but my fingers feel so much better this last week with the rest I have been giving them, plus the holes in my little finger were black.

Do you ever use your palms?

I have never tried my palms. Does that hurt that way? My fingers look horrible also.

I have to confess, when I saw the "palm readings," I thought the psychic kind not the BS kind!

No but I have picked a scab

Never tried my palms. Like Kelly I figured this was a post about fortune telling.

"I took my troubles down to Madame Rue You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth"

Never used my pams. But I was like Kelly when I saw "palm readings I thought of the phychic kind too.

And all you have to do is sprinkle the fairy dust on your front lawn every day for a week and you are cured!

I knew a guy who said because he played guitar, he used the side of his palms to test blood glucose. I've been wanting to try that.

How come no one has told me how to cure myself. Where do I get said fairy dust? Could get a bit expensive I have a big lawn:)

I tried the sides of my palms a couple of times, didn't get enough blood to test and it hurt, so didn't want to go deeper. Would love to hear if anyone else tests there?

I use the freestyle lite which has a clear cap covering the needle, so I poke with the 1st setting and push down and whala blood appears. It is the pushing after that causes the blood to appear.

Never used my palms. I tried using the front of my fingers after reading Dr. Bernstein's suggestion of using this area from the first knuckle up. Hurt horribly & I couldn't get enough blood.

You had to go down to Madame Rue to find out. It is very expensive stuff. I guess you are stuck hanging out with us!

plus the holes in my little finger were black.
I don't use my thumbs, but I use both sides of my other fingers. That gives me 16 test points to cycle through. Why do you use just your little finger?

Have you noticed any significant differences in BG levels or timing using your palms?

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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I tried it too Gerri, also after reading that Dr. Bernstein does it, with the same result you had. Maybe we need fatter fingers? LOL

I tried the front also, after reading Dr. B. Only tried it once, man did it hurt.

I do have bony fingers. Bet Dr. B does also:)

I use all fingers, but for some reason I used the little one a lot, today in fact I forgot about my palms and poked my little one again, and went, what the heck??!!

Palm readings are the same as fingers. I did try my arm for while, but that I was not a fan of.

Karen - you do the side of the palm? i think i'll try that. i only use my left fingers - but not my pinky. my pinky is tiny and hurts way too much. i'd like another spot, though.

I think Mom Nature already did that. The ground is all white.

I still need to test and I replaced the battery in my pump today. I guess it didn't work this time.

palm, yes little finger side, trick is to poke and push down to draw blood