Testing Sites?

I'm reading the Diabetes Solution book and last night I read chapters 4 and 5 about when and how to test and recording the result. I wanted to try the testing sites mentioned on page 84, however I find them to be more painful than my finger tips and I have not been able to draw enough blood to use for a test.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I just one of the lucky ones who can't use these alternate sites on the backs of my fingers? I'm using a the Delica lancet that came with my One Touch Ultra 2 meter.


Hi Brendan,

Welcome to the group.

I also couldn't use that area either. Hurt! Don't believe you're doing anything wrong.

I have to agree with Shawnmarie and Gerri. Backs of fingers really hurt and I got no blood. Only tried it once. I don't think you are doing anything wrong. I test like Shawnmarie's photo but typically closer to the finger tip. I use an Accu-Chek Softclix which uses a proprietary lancet. I believe it hurts a little less and causes less callus buildup.

I haven't tried it yet because it just seems like it will be more painful there. I'll have to work up the nerve and try it. I'll use a new lancet on the lowest setting and wash my hands in the warmest/hottest water I can stand, like I do now. I'll report back here afterwards but until then it's interesting to read others' experiences.

Thanks for the info and the picture. I'll give that area a try.

Thanks. Oh, I'm doing a lot wrong but I'm learning and trying to be better. ;)

I only test on my right hand, avoiding the problem. I do a little hybrid picking (pick + middle finger) but since I only use my ring and pinkie for testing it doesn't bother me. Acidrock and I have fantasized about an all tuD jam session a time or two. Ever try any blues on the harp? :)

Don't feel singled out. I can't get decent results on the backs of my fingers either, and I find them to be MUCH more painful, dramatically so. I quit trying to use them some time ago.

Instead, I use each finger in three different spots -- left, right, and center. That gives me 30 sites to rotate thru, which seems to work pretty well. I use the ten left sites, then the ten center ones, then the ten right ones. That way each site goes a few days between uses. Works well for me. Your results may vary :)

I can only use my right hand for testing, but have4-5 sites on most fingers that are useable and not paintful usually. I use the one Shawnmarie illustrated, closer to the fingertip like BadMoon, and on some fingers the side of the second joint will work.

I do think it is painful, but I massage the fatty side of the digit that I am using, and the blood shows up on the other side, back of the finger where I pricked. I take Aleve and aspirin everyday for my RA. I also exercise more than most people. Maybe that makes a difference. I like to use the back of my fingers sometimes, because my finger tips don't always clot as fast as I would like, especially with pressure.

I have learned to use the tops of my fingers as Dr. B suggests, but in a limited way. I can use the top of last joint of the finger from about the joint to within about 1 mm of the nail bed. It doesn't hurt too bad and I could care less about scarring or whatever. I've been able to do this on my index, middle and small finger. For some reason, my ring finger is "sensitive." I've always used the sides of my fingers (but I also have a little trouble with my ring finger as well), but I do like adding the additional site.