Panic is stalking me

Ok, some of you know that I have suffered consequences ( I meant to type complications, but consequences came out - hmm....) of my diabetes. I think I am finally beginning to panic.

I've had blood vessels in my eye rupture and ended up with the little "floaters" and "spots" in my eye. Floaters and spots - sounds so cute when in reality, this is BLOOD that is floating around in my line of vision.

Ok, so I had some laser surgery and they went away. A year later, they are back. Had some more laser surgery a couple of days ago. Got up to mail a letter at my job and it's like BAM - I have some nasty stuff in my line of vision now. This time, there is more of it and I can actually see the color of it - a nasty brown/red color. No matter where I look, it's there. My next laser appointment is not until September 7th, but I am wondering now - will I be able to see then??

I am at work and trying to keep it together, but I just want to go home and cry. I keep closing my "bad" eye and my vision returns to normal - opening it is too much reality. I'm diabetic and I have a disease that can kill me and/or make my quality of life really, truly, absolutely, positively SUCK for lack of a more grown-up and anguished word. I'm scared now - feels like my body is turning against me.

I want to holler "I'm only 27" but what will that do? Many more have endured worst diseases at younger ages with more harsh complications - so what if I feel like I'm about to go blind in my left eye?

But, I am not thinking like that - I'm thinking I'm angry and mad - and scared.

I would call your eye doctor - IMMEDIATELY!!! If it is all of a sudden, and obvious you should not wait to get it checked! Your eyesight is precious. Don’t panic, but CALL. I hope it turns out to be something minor, and easily taken care of. Good Luck. You are in my thoughts, and keep us updated.

Katrina, you need to call your eye doc NOW. Yes, I’m yelling. If something is going on (like retina detaching) you need to get in there today.


I had the same exact thing happen to me, I had laser surgery the first time to prevent this from happening. Once the first of 9 laser’s was done, I was driving home from Atlanta and it happend, after about an hour the complete eye was a swishy red haze. Don’t dispair, it finally cleared up and after all those other surgeries, I stabilized, and have had no problems in years…it dosen’t make no less scarerer but it will get better.


Ok. Please call the doctor, just for your own peace of mind.
What happened to me (and every person is different) is that my “extra” vessels were lasered, and, as they died they contracted and released blood into the vitreous. My doc said it was very common.
Large hemorrhages, ones that totally obstruct your vision, usually take about 3-5 weeks to clear. Smaller ones take less time.
Don’t let yourself fret needlessly - if you can’t speak directly to the doc, then demand to talk to his nurse.
Let us know what happens

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I’m thinking of you as you deal with all of this.

You are strong, and you will make it through. That is what we do as people living with diabetes - make it through somehow.