Paxlovid in the UK

Does anyone know whether Type 1 diabetics are eligible to receive Paxlovid in the UK?
I looked at the NHS website and it says “those in the highest risk category” and mentions “certain autoimmune diseases” but does not specify diabetes.
I live in the US and Paxlovid is very easy to get. You just have to be over 50. It seems like it’s more restricted in the UK.
I’m going to be in England for two weeks in March. I’m not expecting to get COVID but it would be reassuring to me to know that I could get Paxlovid if I did.
On a related note, does anyone know whether it would be realistic as a foreigner to show up at a local health clinic and get seen by a GP? I would be willing to pay reasonable fees for the visit and the prescription.

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Any reason you would not prefer to have your PCP give you a prescription for Paxlovid here in the US and then take the Paxlovid to the UK?

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I would definitely prefer to have my PCP give me a prescription so that I could have Paxlovid on hand. I assumed that if I was not testing positive, she would not write a prescription. But maybe I should just ask. I thought maybe it was against the rules, though I know Paxlovid is not in short supply. I don’t know my PCP well, but she seems very by the book.
Thank you for the suggestion.

I believe that you can get an online prescription for Paxlovid, if needed.