Pumps... I haven't got a clue?

Hey Guys,

Basically, (long story short) Im a Diabetic, Type 1 on shots and since joining this site, which was only about 3 weeks ago. I have read loads of info/discussions etc about pumps.

I live in th UK and to me, pumps are unheard of.. Have they just not reached us yet in the UK or am I just completely oblivios to the fact you can get these pumps? I know I sound naiive but I genuinely havent heard anything through my clinic or consultant about pumps for insulin.

I once did a test run of a monitor that took readings of my blood sugar levels every ten minutes but still had to do my injections so this was obviously something different.

Was just wondering could someone shed some light about these pumps to me, just out of interest really. Im curious :-)



Hey Ally

Since being on this site I noticed that pumps were a big thing too!! We can get them over here because I have tried since joining here. You basically have to be funded for it because they cost a bomb (this can take upto 6 months), you have to meet certain criteria (like having high sugar all the time), you have to do a course called Daffyd (which helps you count carbs) and go on a continuous glugose monitor for about 6 weeks. Its not an easy job to get one, thats why I gave up!! but people do swear by them. If you want to see how they work there are loads of vids on youtube (check out 1happydiabetic) he has covered them alot. Its crazy because in the USA about 1 in 8 have a pump but here in the uk only 1 in 1000 has one!!!

Hope this helps!!!


Hi there - I am in the UK and on an insulin pump. It took me 3 years of SCREAMING to get one. The NHS are awful for trying to get it but if you keep on persevering it is possible. I found the pump charity INPUT really helpful and I spoke to David the guy that runs it on the phone and he was lovely. Now that I am on the pump life is just so much better I could not put it accurately into words, no more swinging bloods I can actually get out of bed in the morning.

May I ask which PCT you are in as some are much better than others?

It’s worth all the work.

Excellent video.