Paying for insulin with Medicare


Part D is an addon which has a monthly cost

call it Medicare but it’s is really just addon insurance

you do not have to get part D if you do not need many or no meds

You may get a good price on insulin or pay for it all depending on the plan
Of course the good co-pay comes at a higher price


I’ve been on Medicare for a couple of years. I haven’t gotten any insulin from a pharmacy in that time so I’ve no idea if there’s any cost if I were to get it. Why? My doctor gives us each 3 bottles of insulin every 3 months. that’s more than enough for the two of us (we’re both pumpers). I always suggest folks paying for insulin simply ASK their doctor if he/she will give them insulin at their visits. Doctors SHOULD have tons of samples of insulin, both pen and vials. Our doc has it all.


I was happy when I found out that my Part D plan was going to cover 50% of my Afrezza costs, since I didn’t think any of the Medicare plans covered anything regarding Afrezza. However, that still leaves that Rx at about $1,000 /qtr out-of-pocket.


The problem with not getting a part D Medicare plan when one becomes eligible is there is a penalty if you decide to sign up for it later.
The donut hole is now scheduled to expire in 2019. Depending on your insulin usage and plan Canadian pharmacies could be cheaper or not.
(check every year to see if there is a better part D plan as they change yearly)


ive actually ran into a problem with medicare and im on the pump. they didnt cover it at all. it had to go to my medicaid to get it covered. so make sure that you know that medicare does cover it at all.


Me, too. Medicare won’t pay for pump or supplies til C Pep is a certain level. I’m a tenth shy. I haven’t heard about them leasing a pump. Do they? They won’t even cover my stripes although the did for 10 years.:woman_shrugging:t3: And, each call to CMS gets me a different story. It’s maddening.
I pay for my borrowed pump, sets, etc out of pocket. I low carb and excercise to keep my insulin use as low as possible.
How are seniors and disabled persons on Medicare with diabetes supposed to live?


they dont want us to. if you have medicaid then its a good thing or other ins. i refuse to call medicare as im sure ill get different answers. they will cover my insulin pump supplies and then it goes to medicaid for the remaining balance. but my insulin is a different story. they need to have diabetics working for them to get them to understand what we go through. that way its easier. medicare wont cover the medtronic 670G as im still in warranty with animas even tho animas is out of business. so i have to get the 630. again medicare just doesnt understand


:frowning:️My secondary which used to cover strips took the ‘we’re following Medicare rules.’ So, Nadda coverage for any thing Diabetes related.
I’m on a borrowed Ping so unless I fail the C Pep in August, I have to find another pump. :frowning:️ I’ll use my Ping til then or it stops. I’m so insulin sensitive I just can’t microdose MDI with good results.
And, YES! CMS need Diabetes on staff. Either a department that handles D exclusively or something. They act like insulin is some med we can wait for or skip while they argue coverage.