PDM Buzzing Noise

Hello all, I’ve noticed in various forums that some people have had problems with the batteries on their PDM not lasting very long. I have experienced this and discovered a curious problem. My PDM emits an electronic noise while off and a louder noise while on. I had to put the screen against my ear but it is definately there. Does anyone else have this same problem? I’m going to call Insulet tomorrow with this and will post a follow up after the call. I’m also wondering if this is contributing to a high pod failure rate (40%). While some of these pods have had occlusions others have lost communication with the PDM and could not be deactivated. Thanks, Joe

I have never heard of this issue. please keep us informed on what Insulet has to say.

My PDM make no noise at all.

This is definitely a potential problem with the PDM. I would call Insulet and just have them replace it. A bad PDM should not be a cause for pod failures though. If the PDM’s communication system is not working right (or intermittently) that may be why it fails to connect with the pod.

Let us know what Insulet says.

I called Insulet and they do indeed feel that my PDM has an issue. The tech said there is usually a slight buzzing when the backlight is engaged but it should not be there when the unit was off. I actually held up the PDM to the phone and the tech agreed that the buzzing was a problem. They are switching out my PDM and half of the 12 pods I had issues with (I think this is fair as several of the pods were occlusions on muscular areas). All in all, a great customer service experience from Insulet.


Same issue, however the buzzing noise comes from the backlight on mine. With the backlight off, there is no noise, and OmniPod deemed it to be normal. Good luck

Insulet replaces all of my failed pods – even the ones that have occlusions. I just call and get a replacement, which arrives in a few days. Occasionally, they ask me to return the failed pod, but usually not. If a pod does not last until expiration, it gets replaced – period. I’ve never had a problem.

My PDM also buzzes when the backlight is on, but I never noticed it until now, and I had to hold it up to my ear to hear it.