PDM Failure

Has anyone else ever had a pdm fail? I got a pdm error and warning to change the pod. Have had maybe 2 of these in the past, but none lately after using the right batteries. Anyway, called to give them the ref. code, etc. Was told would have to re-set the pdm. That is where the problem started, it would start the re-boot process and then just shut off and re-start again. They are shipping a new pdm, but I've had the OmniPod for 2 1/2 years. Just wondering what the life expectancy is with the PDM. I've been (at least I think ) very careful and always keep it in an enclosed case that I have on my belt loop most of the time. I realize this is a electronic piece of equipment and issues will arise but curious as to what others have experienced. I'm very happy w/ my OmniPod, and miss it already as trying to give a accurate dose with injections in not fun. On another note, how do you go about covering you basal insulin, right not all I have is Novalog and don't have any long lasting. If anyone has any tips I'd like to know. Thanks ~Schmutz

This happened to me about a month ago. Got a PDM error and when I called they walked me through sticking a paperclip into a hole on the PDM to do a hard reset. It didn't work - even after several tries.

They overnighted me a new PDM and a container to mail the old one back. My PDM was a little less than a year old.

I had to switch back to MDI. I had some Lantus on hand - I phoned up my diabetes center for guidance/confirmation on how to set the basal dose and was told to inject the same amount of Lantus as total basal dose I had been using with the pump.

If you don't ahve long acting insulin and can't get it easily (you could try having your doctor phone in a prescription for a Lantus or Levemir pen), you can inject Novolog every few hours, though it will be hard to handle overnight. You might have to wake up every 3-4 hours to check/correct.

I haven't ever done that, but if I did , I would start by injecting the amount of basal I would take in the next 2 hours + any correction and see how it worked out, then keep repeating.

The new PDM arrived in the morning as promised, and I had to reset all the pump parameters, etc. Fortunately, I had a computer download with the pump settings that I could use as a basis. Also was careful as I still had Lantus in my system, but it was about 24 hours later so it was pretty much gone.

P.S. It also told me to remove the pod...so I couldn't use that for basal...if it happened again, I might try leaving it on to see if it was still running.

Yeah I've had one PDM do that semi-recently. It threw an error and said it needed be reset. When I went to reset it, it kept doing that "startup" thing you were mentioning: get the color screen, it would think for a second, blink, and start over...and over and over. Thankfully in the process it somehow didn't kill the pod.
I was traveling at the time (only a few hours from home, but still annoying) and so had to use a backup syringe to eat meals, etc. I tried to just leave it on for basal and run w/ a syringe for bolusing for the remainder of the time while waiting on the new PDM. Unfortunately the "overnight shipping" didn't happen overnight since it was a Sunday going into Monday. So the item didn't arrive until Wednesday morning. I'd had to change my pod on Tuesday. I used my old 1st gen PDM in the interum when I put on the new pod. Then switched back to the new PDM on the next pod change later that week.

If your pod died and you were unable to keep basal going, you'd need to get some lantus or levemir (call your doc and get them to send a Rx to your pharmacy) to cover you for a day or two. Or do the annoying thing and shoot up every 1-2 hours w/ small doses of novalog (assuming your basal is roughly 1 u/hr...if it's way over or under that, it will be more difficult). And of course in either case of what you're doing, carry some extra food!

This happened to me a little more than a month ago, PDM was 2 years and 9 months old. Same as what the other two responders wrote - tried to reset and got the flashing color screen. Unfortunately it was on a Friday night so I was on MDI until the new PDM came on Monday afternoon. I called the on-call endo at my practice and he prescribed lantus/syringes and gave me my dosing for the next three days. MDI really sucked, I was about 250 consistently that weekend. In about two years I’m going to preemptively inquire about a new PDM!

Hi Maggie....I asked that question last night, you can purchase a pdm for about $500 from what they told me, not sure what the new version may cost. My PDM was 2 years, 5 months and did the same as each of you described. I'd wait until the new generation pdm comes out as I think we will get a new one to run the new version of pods. I've got a hard time putting $500 aside for a what if that you may not use for 3 years or more, especially with new version coming or future changes. Don't like the MDI either but it's only for a short time...Really makes me appreciate my PDM & Podds even more :)

You're right. If your PDM shuts off, leave the pod on because it will still be giving your basal until it expires. That's what happened to me a few months ago and they told me to leave the pod on. Made sense because the pod was still doing what it was programmed to do. I just couldn't use it for a bolus. I had had my PDM for about 4 years so I think mine had run its course.

Excellent advice!! Once that pod is programmed and linked to pdm the information for basal is set. I used to tell people that if you wnte camping and dropped your pdm in the river the pod will continue your basal rate and alarm when time runs out. Great advice .... as long as you know that it is the pdm and not both or the pod.

My pod failed at my office this morning. Unfortunately I thought it was a normal meter error & since I have spare pods/insulin here at the office I removed my pod. When I tried to reset the PDA it wouldn't reboot properly. A new PDA is being overnighted to me. In the meantime I have both short & long lasting insulin pens at home in the fridge to get me by. My present PDA was about 2.5 years old. It just goes to show us that we need to be prepared in the event the unexpected occurs. I always bring insulin pens with me when I travel, especially overseas where obtaining a new PDM might be a problem. My only complaint about insulet is that they don't have PDAs available for immediate pickup from your local omnipod rep which would be much easier, especially for somebody who doesn't have another way of administering insulin for up to 48 hours.

These are all good suggestions. In order to keep the cost down, instead of asking for a backup perscription ask for a vial of long-acting insuling. Most offices have free samples available for the asking. I have been on the Pod for almost 4 years and still prefer it to MDI. Good luck.

My almost new pdm froze up a few months in… Customer support talked me through a reset. No further problems, made me conscious about backups… I keep a case with a meter and humalog and needles in the the frig at work and another at home… Travel with humalog and lantus… Should probably keep one my purse as well but I don’t…

We are on our 3rd PDM in 2 yrs. The 1st lasted about 6 months. Started turning off/on by itself and switching to random screens. The 2nd lasted a little over a year and started turning off/on, etc.... This 3rd one we've had about a month and it already seems to be acting funny. I have to insert the test strip twice sometimes. It turns the pump on but the pump goes to the status screen instead of the "blood drop" screen. IDK. I should probably call them....again. The PDM is always in it's skin in the case and the case is most often in the "pump bag" so it doesn't get dropped or banged around. Who knows. They are prompt in replacing the PDM though.

Exactly the same happens to me last week.
I am expecting a new PDM tomorrow.

I'm noticing that the batteries are lasting much longer in the new PDA