Pearls of Wisdom for Data review?

We are getting ready to look at Kennedy's first week of data. Drumroll please!! What are everyone's pearls of wisdom for interpretation and setting adjustments.

I am very impressed with her first week, other than a few hours at 250-300 with a pod failure, which we see once a month and was due to happen, we have been pretty much between 70 and 200, which is an absolute freaking miracle...

i suppose our fingerstick data on our pod will become less useful?

For those of you who do both, how to you think about your pod data now? use insulin data, but look at dex for the blood sugars?

I prefer to analyze 2-4 weeks of data on Dexcom, rather than just 1 week. There are too many variables for me,, when I look at just 1 week. But if you have regular/predictable meal times, then looking at 1 week might help show how the meal boluses are working out.

With more data, I like to look at the averages by hour, and from that often decide if my basals need adjustment.

Wait until you start seeing a few months worth of data :D It really helps with discovering trends. Now that I have been using mine for a while, I'm able to start catching issues that I had not seen before. I never new I had dawn phenomenon until I started to see a rise every morning from 6 to 8am. The lovely part of the dex data, is if you use your stick data as calibrations it will make it on the output for you :D

I just discovered something new on the Studio software, that was not available on the DM3, and looks to be quite helpful - even if only 1 week of data is loaded.

The Glucose Trends report, when first selected, is similar to the old one, and you can 'scroll' through the time line, or zoom in to see details by each 5 minute reading. It's a nice report that shows the calibrations, and how close/far off they were. (Note, to 'zoom', do left click and drag over a portion of the timeline. A new scroll bar will appear. You can put cursor on each 'dot' and see the reading and date/time.)

Anyway - the new stuff ! On that same report screen, there is an option to View Daily Strips. I think it's great, and could be very useful in catching trends. Might be useful to print, add notes, and bring to doctor's appts. You get a separate mini-glucose trend chart for each day !

With that new feature, I may take the extra time to enter my insulin/exercise events, which would show up under the trend line.

Glad you posted the question - it made me take a closer look !

I am able to download my Dex G4 to Diasend along with my pump and various meters. One thing I really like to do is compare my meter averages, median BG, and standard deviation to those same averages for my Dex. For me they end up being incredibly close, just a few points difference. Using I analyze 2 weeks data at one time.

So even though some times I feel that my Dex G4 isn’t as accurate as many other users report, this reminds me that when I look at the “forest” rather than the “trees” that it is really doing a good job.