People aged 110 and older have ‘unique’ immune cells that may help them live longer, says study

I found this very interesting and hope you do too!

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I would like to take the opportunity to piggyback on the topic of longevity (and say or lament with each nugget of information we add to this fascinating topic, the health disparities continue to grow) by recommending a podcast, the Curbsiders. “There’s no more potent drug than sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Fasting, exercise, correct sleep, management of hypercortisolemia, the big four pillars of how you make people live longer don’t involve a drug.”

Check out Peter Attia talking about longevity on the latest episode of the internal medicine podcast the Curbsiders.

Excerpt (paraphrased):
Is the vegan diet better than the paleo? What about the Mediterranean? The reality is that all of these things have so much in common that people fail to appreciate, which is that they are all removing something or some things that are toxic from the SAD. The difference is maybe less important than the similarities. The idea that there is one right diet is nonsensical.

My view is your carbohydrate tolerance is determinative. We set metrics. Avg below 100 . SD below 15. And zero excursions over 140. We are militant.

@The_Senator_From_Glu I agree that it probably is more of a clean up what you’re eating type thing in the long run than a particular one size fits all diet.

I don’t limit my carbs. I vary widely day to day and I usually do not go above 140 BG. At a 65-140 range I am in TIR by 96-99%. My SD usually hovers around 20. It is easier as I am retired and able to respond easier to trends than when I was working.

Of course a CGM and a pump have been the biggest helps.