Peoples reactions toward diabetes can be so awful! what are some ridiculas reactions you have gotton about your diabetes?

This thanksgiving I was taking my insulin shot and my nephew walked in on my and said"id just kill myself if I had to do that!" I said "no you wouldn’t you would do what you have to do to stay heathy!!! Another comment I got is from my own daughter who is 17 years old. I was injecting my insulin and she said “I can’t stand to watch you do that its soo gross!” Sometimes people can be so ignorant! What are some reactions you have gotton from people about your diabetes???..

The wosrt one I ever really got (learned to ignore the other;'s) was “CAN I CATCH IT BY BEING NEAR YOU?” For real I took Type 1 at 10 back in the 70’s that was the 1st one I got when I finally got back to school. Well all aside now they were 10 year olds.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 when I was in junior high and one of my classmates came up to me and said petrified: ‘‘If I had your disease I would kill myself.’’ Yeap, that’s exaclty what she said. Over the years I became tougher and I realised that ignorance is a baaaad thing. Oh, and that kids and teenagers can be mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep that’s what my nephew just said to me on thanksgiving that if he had to inject like me he’d “kill himself” he’s 21 years old! Stupid comments aren’t they! Its strange because we don’t look at it at all like that! Its just something we need to do its became a part of us!its not even a big deal to inject to us but I guess others see it differently.if they had to do it three times a day it would be normal for them too!

I, luckily, haven’t had any weird/ridiculous reactions. I did however have my ex-fiance tell me that the reason he ‘gave up’ on us and in turned cheated on me was because he couldn’t deal with my diabetes and the complications (I was beginning to go through laser and a vitrectomy for retinopathy). At the time we broke up I had no idea the diabetes was putting him off (I’ve been diabetic since long before we’d met, and we’d been together 7 years; in addition he’d been raised by his grandfather (type 1 diabetic) and his grandmother (type 2 diabetic)). When he finally told me, I was angry and disgusted. Now I just wonder if it was a lame attempt at finding an excuse for why he couldn’t keep it in his pants…

Luckily I’m now with someone who’s prepared to deal with whatever life throws at me/us.

I go for the lame excuse.