Peripheral Artery Disease- a complication of diabetes? (i need you all please.)

hello everyone, im a 22 year old type 1 diabetic from india. I hate to admit,but i have been irregular with my check-ups, and do not have a permanent doc to see me yet.
My BG levels have been way above the limits, and im taking 30 units of 30/70 insulin a day.
I have lately developed a possible disorder called Peripheral Artery disease(PAD), and my calves hurt way too much even when i walk small distances.
Any knowledge, Costs, Medicines, treatments, suggestions, or links are most welcome.
My family doesnt know, I am scared, need all of you, please.

PAD is highly associated with diabetes and poor blood sugar control. Some people believe it is all about the buildup of plaques (atherosclerosis) and suggest that it is cholesterol. But I believe it is really about high blood sugars and inflammation. The high blood sugars cause a hardening of the arterial walls and an ongoing inflammation because the high blood sugars damage proteins. So my first suggestion is to get your blood sugar in order. If your last HbA1c was 14% as shown in your profile you really need to get in order. The PAD is but the first sign of complications, there will be more if you don't turn things around.

My suggestion to turn things around is to move away from the conventional insulin therapy (typically 70/30 insulin 2-3 times/day) to intensive insulin therapy. That will involve using a basal insulin with 1-2 injections/day to manage your fasting blood sugars and then a meal time bolus insulin which you take to counteract the rise in blood sugars from meals. This is described in the book "Think Like a Pancreas" by Scheiner and "Using Insulin" by Walsh. Go to your doctor, get a checkup. Be honest with him and ask for his help in getting your blood sugars controlled.

It is never too late to turn things around.

K, Brian's right. See a doctor soon!

The good news is that, while it may not clear up completely, you can likely improve on your symptoms if you take care of yourself. This does require a change in your thinking, but from what you are saying, you should have the motivation to start being careful with your diabetes.

MDI (multiple daily injections)is good, so is the pump if you can afford one or have a healthcare system that will provide. Also, make sure you pay attention to your diet. Since you've only had diabetes for 1 year you may not have made that adjustment yet. Again, if you eat healthy, get you Bg under control, I think you have a good chance of reducing your symptoms and getting back to a normal life.

Good Luck!


Hi, K. Sorry for your troubles. I agree with the other posters. But you need to move on this now. Get those blood glucose readings down as a first priority, and it is so important to your life long health. You are so young, with so much to look forward to. Please take the time to make the diabetes better managed.

Although Brian and Dave may have more knowledge, I did some online research at my one of my reliable places and the link is here

Best wishes.

thanx for the replies people, i understand that visiting the doc is the priority! shall post here more often, its excellent support from the site!

PAD is very unlikely at your age. even if you had terrible control your whole life. I notice that I can feel sugars in my legs too. It is not PAD but temporary constriction due to high sugar.
When my sugars come back into range the discomfort stops. No time like the present to turn it around. using 70-30 should be your first course of action. It is like using a hammer to crack an egg.
Any Endo or Diabatologist can get you on a better regimen and get your sugars into line.

It is likely a very early sign of trouble to come and it definitely bears attention. Be it PAD (I do agree it is unlikely but not impossible) or a reversible issue that might be corrected in the near term is really not the point. The main outcome is to encourage you to get to a doctor ASAP and check it out. As a guy who had neuropathy early I can relate. My best advice, get to the doc. I wish you the very best.

Rick Phillips