Peripheral Neuropathy Sufferers - ever have buzzing in feet?

I’m undiagnosed but appear to be developing some type of diabetes. My question is for those who have been diagnoed with PN. Did you ever experience buzzing/vibrations in the bottom of your feet? I have that as well as all over body stinging/burning/streaking sensations and some numbness in feet. I’m waiting to see an endo and I can’t decide whether I should get into to see a neuro while waiting. I’m kinda worried about MS (I have autoimmune disease and so do my family members). I know it is unlikely to have neuropathy in early diabetes, but it is not unheard of.

Please write in if you’ve experienced this buzzing/vibration feeling, or if you know of another diabetic who has.. At this point, I think I would be happier if this were related to hyperglycemia rather than MS, or something even worse.

Also hoping this isn’t anything serious. Would be good to see a neurologist.

People have had success treating neuropathies with R-ALA, alpha lipoic acid, an OTC supplement. The R form is the most effective. I used ALA for dogs with neuropathies many years ago & they responded very well. ALA repairs the meylin sheath of nerves. It’s been used in Germany for a long time. ALA can cause lowered blood sugar, so test frequently to know how it effects yours. I had to give a dog Karo syrup for a hypo while he was taking ALA.

The burning numbness and tingling sounds familiar. For me it started at diagnoses but I’m T2 and had diabetes for some time before then. I also take Benfotiamine in addition to R-ALA and Evening Primrose Oil which all seem to help, Here’s a link to a recent discussion about Benfotiamine here on TuDiabetes.

Wow, great link; thank you…I’m so amazed at the indepth info on this site. This is exciting info for me; I plan to get on this stuff!

I have had that buzzing vibration thing, but I don’t think I have any neuropathy in my toes/feet. I think mine was mostly in the ball of my foot, like at the base of my big toe, and it felt like it was in that joint, like in the bone or between the bones. It has actually been along time since I felt it, like a couple of years, but when it was happening I noticed it here and there, maybe daily over a period of weeks and months. I was sort of scared by it and worried that it was the first sign of neuropathy. I don’t think I even noticed that it stopped, though. Hadn’t thought of it until I saw your post.

Yes, mine is in my right heel. It’s definitely strange, like a cell phone buzzing inside your foot! I’m def having some type of neuropathy as now some slight numbness developed in feet legs when I sit a certain way. I’ve seen a lot of this description on neurology forum boards and a lot of the people had multiple sclerosis. It’s alarming, but I’m trying to not worry about that…trying to do the whole “live in the moment” thing and stop worrying about what might come down the road. It takes a conscious effort !!! :):):slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know; so glad for you that your buzzing left you…hopefully mine will too.

I’ve also had buzzing in my left foot upper part of it. It’s uncomfortable. W hat to do?

Check your levels soon as it starts.
This will give you a clue as to what this sensation means. It’s different for each diabetic.

Adjust your activity, meds or food to correspond to your readings.

Just wondering if anyone has had that buzzing feeling throughout their body. I have had this happen several times. I thought maybe I was having a hypo going on but I have checked my BG at it was in a good range. It is kinda of scary when it happens.

[quote=“LSS, post:9, topic:8502, full:true”]
Just wondering if anyone has had that buzzing feeling throughout their body. I have had this happen several times.[/quote]Only when I smoke certain things, but every time.

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A teachable moment if there ever was one…

Maybe buzzing was not the right word but i did get a laugh from your response. Still interested in knowing if anyone has had the experience of feeling like inside their body is quivering, or trembling or shivering… not quite sure the best word to describe the feeling but it has happened several times now. Thanks

On a serious note, it could be anything. You should probably have an Neurologist check you out. I would make sure you get your b12 checked along with everything else as we sometimes can run low onthat

Have you been on an antibiotic like CIPRO with the last few months? Read the black box warning on this class of drugs (fluoroquinolones). I had a buzzing in my foot (like a live bee) and jolts after a course of this drug. I will never take it again unless I am dying! As a runner, I worry more about the snapping tendon side effects from this drug that the neurological side effects. If you have not been on this drug, check Vitamin B-12 levels and consider getting tested fo celiac disease. Numbness and tingling are also signs of celiac disease and MS, as well as for diabetes.

Good luck!