Peripheral Neuropathy

On Thursday July 31st, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy after having an MRI done to rule out a compressed nerve. I am now on Neurotin to help with the nerve pain and damage. Some days are better than others. If I have to do a lot of walking I have learned that its worse at night. I’ve been taking Lortab for the pain with the Neurotin plus all my other medications at night and then just Motrin 800mg or 400mg of naproxen to help during the day which does help to a point but have talked to a pharmacist that specializes in compounded medications and they told me that there is a compound that they make that has lidocaine mixed in with the neurotin medication and an anti-inflamatory on top of that. I was recommended lidocaine patches but they are like $200 for 30 patches. I don’t have insurance so I can not get those at all. The compound is only around $60 per tube a month. It is adjusted as you go along with the amount of each of the medications compounded together. Hopefully I can get an appointment soon.

I’ll update everyone later on about what’s going on.

Blessed be

Sorry to hear about this… please keep us posted on how you are doing!!