Pfizer flexes it generic muscle into Insulin brands

Pfizer is getting into generic insulin brands including future generic brands of Lantus, Humalog and Novolog.

I asked my boyfriend about this as he works for the company. if its not in their press release or in their product pipeline, then it isn’t true.

Pfizer makes both Humalog and Novolog? Thought Eli Lilly made Humalog

Eli Lilly does make the humalog

As much as I (and everyone else on this board) would love to reduce expenses, the thought of generic insulin rather frightens me. I remember reading a NYT article discussing the efficacy of generics compared to named drugs; in some instances, generics had markedly diminished effects.

Not long before the article was published a friend was taking one manufacturer’s antidepressant medication, then the manufacturer was purchased by another. She had no choice other than to start the new manufacturer’s formulation but she began to experience symptoms that made her feel as if she’d stopped taking the drug altogether. True, argument could be made that every individual’s biological makeup determines a drug’s effectiveness – but the thought of having to go through the roller coaster of figuring out a new game, especially with insulin…

Lilly does make Humalog. Pfizer got a license to produce the drugs. They don’t own the drugs, but the owners of the drugs are selling them the rights to manufacture and sell the generic form. It’s a patent thing. Pfizer has approached both Lilly and Novo and made agreements to license the drugs for a fee or royalty (they call them “milestone” payments).

I read something about Wellbutrin’s generic equivalent not being released evenly and running out early. That made me feel pretty awkward about the generic thing. I wonder if they could screw up the insulin? I consider it rather bad form to screw up an antidepressant. If they are going to let you get depressed after 3 pm, what do they care if your insulin starts late and finishes a little early. It all comes out in the wash, right?