Phew! I made it!

It is nice and quiet in my house now. My precious boys are both sleeping soundly in their beds and all is right with the world. It is now Sunday night and I have made it through the weekend happy and in one piece. Yay! I know this doesn’t seem like a big huge deal. People make it through the weekend all of the time and actually most people dread the approaching Monday morning, but this weekend, I am proud to say is almost over and I survived. Why? I was home alone all weekend taking care of my two little guys since my husband had to go out of town on business. It hasn’t even been two weeks since my youngest son was diagnosed with T1 and I somehow managed to handle everything by myself and keep everyone happy and healthy.

The weekend was actually kind of great. On Friday night we had a slumber party in Mom and Dad’s room. Just me and the boys. We stayed up late and watched “How to Train Your Dragon”. The boys promised to let me sleep in until at least 8:30, but if you have had little kids yourself, you know that that didn’t happen. I got a wonderful morning wake up from my little guy telling me that he had to go “pee pee on the potty.” So, our day started at 6:57 instead. We spent Saturday morning doing a little cleaning, and then after lunch, a friend of mine and her 9 year old son who has T1 came over to visit. The three boys had time to play together and I had time to talk to a friend and learn more about the T1 journey from another parents prospective. It was really great to have someone to share my thoughts and concerns with. Later that evening, I took the kids to the local mall to play in the play area. I left my mom alone with the boys for just a few minutes so I could grab a bite to eat at the food court (since even though I had fed them dinner, but I had not eaten myself) and that is when my phone rang and we encountered our first minor crisis. Brennen had all of a sudden stopped running and playing and told my mom that his head hurt and he was cold. He sat on her lap and wanted to be held, which is unlike any kid I know when they have a playland right in front of them. I rushed back to them and checked his sugar. Sure enough, it was a little on the low side. We got him a snack and he perked right up just as suddenly as his fit of low sugar had surfaced it’s ugly head. By the time we arrived home and rechecked him, he was right on target. Thank goodness! Today, we went and visited my husband’s mother, Tita to the boys, and had dinner with her. Julio arrived home right around dinner time. I feel very happy to have him home. I had a great time spending time alone with my boys, but to be honest, they wear me out. Phew!!! I am glad I made it through the weekend alone. In fact, I would say I passed the test with flying colors.

Of course you did! You are a wonderful mommy and those two little boys are so lucky to have you. Glad that you had such a wonderful weekend, you deserve it! Love you bunches! Mom

Awww! Kids are Great. :smiley: I’m Happy that you had a week-end with your Boys and made it through with a Fine ending. It sounds like you all had a Special time including your Mom and Tita. Wonderful! Good catch and fix on the low, Daughter and Mom. :slight_smile:

Gold stars! Many more fun & peaceful weekends ahead. Great to have friend with a T1 child for support.