Weekend Sleep Over

I came across this entry and it took me back. Back to a time when we had weekend sleep overs where we would stay up all night and scare each other silly. Ahh good times. My parents would always let me have a big sleep over the weekend before my birthday seeing that we would not be in school anyways because it was New Years. Yes I am a New Years baby. This particular year was different. I almost did not have my sleep over.

Dec. 27, 1990

Mom said that I could have my sleep over I was so glad. Then dad said NO! I could not believe it. All night I kept asking him can I, can I, can I. Hoping to wear him down. It finally worked after about 5 hours. But dad's yes did not come without any rules.I should have known. Called all my friends. I have a busy day tomorrow.

Dec. 28, 1990

Got my room cleaned just in time before my friends got here. I even followed dad's rules which was hard to do for me especailly with my friends around. We are having so much fun. We are still up and it is after 1. I had a low blood sugar today but it was not too low it made me feel very tired. I am mad at Mary Ann she called me lazy cause I told her that I was not going to go running around outside with them when I was low. She hurt my feelings I told her she was not my friend anymore. I'm not going to follow the rules now.

Dec. 29, 1990

I did not check my blood sugar today not one time. But I told mom and dad that I did. I took some of my shots I told mom that dad gave me the other ones and dad that mom gave me the other ones. It is bed time and I feel awful. I think I may be high but I can't say anything. Dad will be mad.

Dec. 30, 1990

Dad found out that I was not following the rules yesterday. He has been watching me very close all day. I feel better today then yesterday. Two more days for my sleep over and my birthday.

Dec. 31, 1990

Today I did not want to be a diabetic. I did not want to take my shots. I did not want to test my blood. I did not want to do anything but be like my friends. I wanted to be normal. Dad and I got in to it. He chased me around the house inside and out. He finally caught me. He put me between his legs and did what I felt was the worst thing possible. He tested my blood sugar and gave me my shot right in front of all my friends. Dad had a look of disappointment on his face. I felt bad. Tomorrow is my birthday.I will be a year older. I need to start to act like it.

Jan. 1, 1991

Today was my birthday. After what happened yesterday I decided that that was not going to happen ever again. I am going to take control of taking care of my diabetes. I am a big girl now so I need to act like it now. I feel I owe my mom and dad an apology. Nah. My party ROCKED!

Okay I know I need to explain what the "rules" were. By this time dad had gotten to the point where he was tired of the chase with me and everything. So here is where the rules came in. In order to have my sleep over I would have to test my blood sugar myself as I am supposed to do. Come to either mom or dad for my shots and not have them chase me around to do them. If I am low I will tell them and treat it and the same if I am high.

I agreed to this. But come on how could dad hold me to this. But I truly did try to keep to the rules. But after Mary Ann called me lazy I think I just lost it and just did not care anymore. I mean that weekend I was trying harder than I had ever done to do this.

I asked Dad if he remembered this weekend yesterday. He started to laugh. He said that he did. He said that he did. He also said that this was when he realized that this was just as hard for him to deal with and accept as it was for me to deal with and accept. It was a new chapter in both of our lives. He learned a lot from that weekend. Dad said that he would tell friends and family that I was no different than any other kid. I just can't make insulin like everyone else. And this weekend proved that.

After this birthday I was in charge. I did all my own shots. I check my own blood sugars. I started to feel better about my diabetes after this day.

What a wonderful post... :) I know my diabetes is different, but I've been really struggling with my food lately, and not being able to eat as spontaneously as I did... and just... LIVE, and who cares what I eat... lol I should just consider getting a journal.

Ya journaling sounds like a good thing to do!

Liz a journal would help a lot. I still write in one now and it helps me a lot. It makes a lot of difference.

You really were a handful. I love these posts, Kit! How's Rahab relating to this and your extraordinary measures to avoid your shots and blood tests? I'm glad the sleep over ROCKED!

It is hard to believe its been 20 years. Danny I sure they would made for a good read.

Pete, Ray told me and I quote: Why mom, why would you do that. You needed to take your shots and check your blood.

This is from a girl who did the same thing for a month after being diagnosed. So really she thinks I was being very silly. And I must agree, I was.

I loved reading this. I'm so lucky I wasn't diagnosed as a child. Kudos to you for surviving!!

How wonderful that you had such loving accepting parents. I really enjoyed reading your diary. I am a lot older than you, but I have a diary that I kept in junior high school, a couple of years before I got diabetes. I sitll have it and I read it from time to time.

God Bless,


Kathyann thanks for the kudos. And thank you for reading.

Bruentta thanks for reading. I feel very lucky that my parents were so accepting as they were. I don't think I would have made it this far if it was not for them. They had a lot to put up with with me, believe me I did not make this easy for any of us.