Pilonidal cyst help!

I have had a pilonidal cyst since 2006. ive had it drained twice and been put on antibiotics twice and it has gone away fine with those. ive been doing some research because i want to get it surgically removed but havent heard very promising feed back. ive heard its come back and people have had to go back in to have more removed. having diabetes and being so prone to getting sick im afraid an infection will get in there beings that they have to pack it and change it twice a day. i was wondering if any other diabetics have had this and their thoughts if they have had the surgery or decided against it. just some advice would be great!! thank you

I am sorry that you have had so much trouble. I had one for over a year before we decided to get it cut out. I cannot tell you the relief! It was a simple operation and despite being diabetic, I took about a month to heal, my wound was packed once a day and there were no problems despite where it was! The only problems I have had following surgery is down to the problems in the hospital where they ignore my problems with human insulins - so I would be hypoing about 6 - 7 times a day while I was there so badly that they could not get my sugar levels up! Now there is a charity that campaigns for patient choice in how we are treated in hospital and have even produced a document that we can fill in stating what our diabetes treatment is and we can choose how, when and what with we are treated for diabetes. Next time I need surgery for anything I will be taking this document to hospital and insist that I am not put on IV human insulin owing to my reactions to it and that I will insist on using my own pork insulin and manage my diabetes myself while I am conscious!

I have not had any return of the the cyst, and after some initial bleeding and having to use sanitary napkin (which I had forgotten how to use because I was well in to the menopause) and allergy to the sticky pads that they used to cover the wound, there was absolutely no problem! I say go for it, but I guess we are all individuals, but if there are complications to be had, then I have them big time as a rule!