Small cyst

Before bed last night, my daughter came in crying- she showed me a small, marble sized mass of some sort in her pelvic area, over to the left. It literally feels like a marble is beneath her skin. This morning, it still hurts to the touch. I called the dr. at 8am, but her appt. isnt until 10:50. Have any of you had any dealings with this? I am so very worried- she is 8 yrs old and has was diagnosed on 10/15/08.

Thank you!!

I have these, several. I paniced with the first one. Does it move or is it stuck in place? That is the big test to know if you have a problem. Next big question, is there something that has irratated it, or is it hurting for a reason? Other than being poked and proded all night.
Mine seem to move a bit. If they don’t move they are more dangerous, if my memory isn’t failing me. Mine are a fatty cysts common to diabetics. Unforunately once you have one you get more. I have only had one removed, it was on my leg right under where I put my keys. So that one had constant aggreviation. Unforunately it left a divot(sp?), so I haven’t been excited to have any more removed… Quick surgery in the docs office, healed fast too, fairly big scar.
Let us know what the doc says.

Lymph node. Is she fighting skin infections or even bug bites? I had one this weekend due to a bug bitre, but it is going down.

Good thought! Did yours get real big? I thought of my fatty cysts because they are marble(some large marble) size. But lymph nodes could be it as well.

Yeah Linda - I’m thinking lympth nodes as well - she may be fighting an infection. When I was your daughter’s age Shirley - I know my Mum went thru’ a few similar scare situations like that with me (I should ask her what it was). I’ve been diabetic since the age of 7.

You guys are awesome! It is a lymph node. She’s on a round of antibiotics for 10 days.
Not sure how she got the infection- we’ve been traveling a lot, including a couple of camping days.

Thanks for the help!