Ping meter remote questions (log of site changes, changing pump BG remiinder from meter)

I’ve been on my Ping for a little over two weeks, and am very happy with it so far. However, after looking through the owner’s manual, I’m still looking for answers for the following two questions:

  1. How can I view the logboog entries on the meter that show when I changed my site? I know how to enter this info, can’t figure out how to view it.

  2. Is it possible to set the “BG reminder time” ON THE PUMP using the remote meter? I’ve noticed when I change the reminder time on the meter, it does NOT change the reminder time on the PUMP…which is very annoying.

Thanks in advance for your help…


The only way I’ve found to view site changes is to scroll back to the last entry in the logbook. You may have to go through 30 BG entries, but it goes pretty fast. I have a hard time reminding myself to do the entry when I change sites and as a result, when i scroll back, I sometimes go back 10 days before i find an entry. I laugh at myself cause i know I change the site at least every 3 days. If not, it iches so bad i can’t stand to keep it in. I’ve started setting the calendar alarm on my phone as a reminder.

Advance setup screen #9 will allow you to change the reminder interval on the pump. Go to “setup” then “advanced” off the main menu to reset the interval. I keep both pump and meter set at 2 hours so there are no surprises.

Thanks for the reply, David. Hmmm… you mentioned that you can scroll back 10 days on the logbook… That’s interesting… for some reason, I’m only able to go back 3 days. (This is also true when looking at the graph of BG levels…only the most recent 3 days are shown.) Is there a way to change how many days you can “look back” on the Ping remote meter??

Yep, I know about setting the reminder via the “setup” screen… and I’ve got both the meter and the pump set for 2 hours. I was hoping I could re-set the reminder time on the pump using the meter…but I guess this isn’t possible. (This becomes an issue when I bolus for a late night snack, using the meter, and want to set the reminder time to “0” so I’m not awakened after hitting the sack.) Oh well…I’ll live with it.


Don’t know what setting i have, but i just tried (just to make sure i wasn’t lying) and i scrolled back over 30 days. It would have gone further. Call Animas help line. They’ve been very helpful. I went into the meter settings menu and couldn’t figure it out either. It’s probably in the book.

I have the same problem with the alarm on the pump. It goes off two hours after a bolus cause that’s what i have it set for. I’ve gotten pretty good and turning if off in my sleep. I don’t remember it even going off but my wife kicks me sometimes…

OK…hit me with the “stupid stick”…I actually sat down and kept mashing the ‘down’ arrow on the meter this afternoon, and lo-and-behold… I was actually able to scroll back 4 days and see a ‘site reminder’! I guess I just didn’t hold down the arrow long enough…or was patient enough yesterday.

My wife wakes me up too…though generally just by muttering “Your pump is going off!”. This brings up a interesting question…why can I hear HER sleeply telling me to shut the pump up, and yet NOT hear the pump till then??? (Grin.)

Joe, when you check your sugar and it sais confirm to remind in 2hrs what you can do is to go up to the time and then hit ok THEN change it to 0 if you don’t want the reminder or you can go up or down to get anywhere from 0 to 4hr reminders and it will automatically send it to your pump.

Also I just checked my log book and I went back 2wks. Maybe something is off with yours.
Good luck

Changing the reminder time ON THE PUMP works fine for me (I do it the way you describe). I’m just surprised that when you change the reminder time ON THE METER, that it does not also change the reminder time on the pump.

I figured out what I was doing wrong with the logbook function on the meter…it was MY fault…and now I can scroll back for several days.