Animas pump displays

Hello there. I got my Ping about a wk ago and haven’t even heard from Animas yet. I’ve contacted them a few days ago and still nothing. I decided to go through all the info and hook up myself. Been pumping for 15yrs now so I really didn’t think much of it. Just like once computer vs the other. My question though is that when I check BGs and stuff with the meter which is succesfully paired I can’t find it on the pump screens anywhere. Can you not recall your numbers? Or if I check with my meter but then want to bolus with the pump it also jumps to the 80 setting instead of giving me the number I just tested on. Does it not work unless I use the meter bolus buttons??? A little frustrated now b/c I’m used to pulling my numbers off the pump.

Thanks… Guess that is why you should wait for your trainer huh. LOL In my case though I don’t think anyone will ever contact me and I’m the type of person I don’t think I should have to hound them to get someone here after I just got their pump. I LOVE it but am not the most patient person. I’ll probably just go to my hospital trainer. The reason we waited is b/c Animas likes to do it instead of the hospital so I was told.


I spoke to them and figured out that it’s all the meter and not the pump. Just something I need to get used to I guess. So you download both and it intergrades them I guess… I love the pump and LOVE the screen so I’m sure I’ll get used to this little difference. I told them I hooked up without trainer. They weren’t upset with me which is good and I spoke to 3 different folks about different issues and their costomer service is OUTSTANDING… Loved everyone I spoke to. :o)

HI Sandy… I’ve only been pumping for 3yrs and 8 months, but I can understand your frustration. I switcherd to a Ping after Smths Medical quit making the Cozmo (a shame). Like you, I find it frustrating that you can’t call up your BG’s on the pump. The only way I’ve been able to transfer them is to do a bolus FROM THE METER after getting a BG reading on it.
I.E. choose either ezBG or ezCarb from the meter, and walk through the menus and deliver the bolus.

To keep things simple, I’ve got into the habit of doing just about all my BG’s on the Ping meter remote, and then just bolus wusing the meter. The only time I don’t do this is if I’m someplace like a dimly lit restaurant, where it’s hard for me to read the meter. When I know I’m going to be someplace where it might be hard to read the meter, I just take along a small meter, like a One Touch Mini, and use that for the BG reading, then manually enter it in the pump.


Joe, thanks for the reply. That’s what I’ve been doing and just keeping the bolus at 0000. It still doesn’t load thought. I love the ping though to be honest so I’ll just get used to it.

The good thing about keeping them on the meter, is that you can label the reading with time of day, and other info,so that you can pull all kinds of graphs and averages. Plus you can see all your pump stats when your pump is um… a little hard to get to.
I just realized it lets you log in set changes, just in case you forget when exactly you put it in.

What??? My other pump had all the numbers in and put the time wiht it and all. I’m not sure what you meant by the post. What irritates me is that you can’t get ALL the info on one report. I haven’t played with it enough but that means I have to manually log which is my weakness. That is what I thought the ping would replace and it doesnt