Ping not working?

Hello friends,

How's it?

I have a question for you. Now before I ask the question, let me preface it by saying I'm going to see my Endo this Friday, but I'm looking for suggestions prior to the appointment. Here it goes:

It appears my pump is no longer working! I will bolus the amount +1 unit just because I like to have tight control over my numbers. I like my numbers to be between 100-120 at all times. Over the past four days, my numbers have been 250-350 after meals!

Now here's where it's weird: I've changed pump locations, I usually do it on my belly on either side closer to my back. I've had high numbers so I moved it closer to my belly button side. I'm still having high numbers! Now I understand that my numbers will be high after eating, but 3-4 hours later they're still high and climbing!

My biggest fear is becoming insulin resistant, but when I'm high and bolus through the pump, nothing happens. When I take a vial and pen, I drop accordingly. Is it possible my pump is no longer working? I don't think I'm insulin resistant because the novalog via pen brings me down. Is anyone aware of any tests I can run on the pump to make sure it works?

I've been in EXCELLENT control over my numbers so this is driving me crazy! Any suggestions?


I called Animas and they're going to send a replacement pump via overnight. Should be here Tuesday. She said she doesn't think it's the pump, but she wants to rule out the pump as a factor.

What length of cannula are you using? Could it be possible that it is too short right now, and is not absorbing properly?