Tomorrow is a week on my ping

After waiting what seemed like an interminate amount of time for my Ping, then a week of saline, I finally started on insulin last Wednesday. I’ve gone from a standard deviation of 45 the month before starting to 30 the last week! My average bg last week was 109 with over 50% between 90-130 (the rest mixed highs and lows but only 1 or 2 ‘drastic’).

It was worth spending last Wed. at the endo’s office, I got to know the CDE, and she got to know me, Their goal for me is to tweak on my own and let them know what I did. They totally support me eating low carb and eventually doing TAG. So nice to have such a good practice.

Can you tell I’m thrilled? Next best thing to having a working pancreas.

I remember my fist weeks on the pump. It was a life-changer for me. Congratulations!!!

Wow how wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Good for you :slight_smile:
hopefully I’m next to go…(sigh)

How long have you been waiting Asma? Do you have a due date yet?