How do you guys deal with having pizza on MDI?

I love pizza! Bummer I know… I do injections (fairly new to the diabetes game)… For me, I go to the pizza place’s website and look up their nutritional facts to find the carb amount or check out Calorie King’s book (great resource) Then inject your carb ratio to units and make sure you test an hour or two later to see how you did with the carb counting. Good luck!
As always- everyone’s diabetes is different so proceed with caution and doctor’s input.

I’ve done pizza both on MDI and as a pumper.

on MDI - 30% upfront, 10-20ish% 1 hour … 10-20ish hour 2… remainder hour 3

as a pumper - dual wave 30 upfront - remainder out 3 hours

as always YDMV

Not anytime soon, sadly

I have found that if you make your ‘pizza’ on a low carb tortilla it works real well, I am a T2 on oral meds, no injections. My wife tried several recipes for crust that just didn’t work, either inedible or raised my bg too high.

Hi Ken!

Pizza… grrrr… I actually haven’t found one that I like! However, my fiance LOOOOOOVES pizza, so I go with him. haha.
We do the fully loaded stuffed crust. I like the stuffed crust because it has the cheese in it. It’s not too greasy at Pizza Hut (don’t know if you have that around there) and I inject half my dosage when the pizza is at the table, and another half my dosage about a half hour later. Pizza has a lot of bread and cheese, so it digests a bit slow- I kind of treat it like eating a bowl of spaghetti.

Don’t know if I’m doing it “correctly” or not, but it works for me!


I make really good (no modesty here!) thin crust vegetarian pizza, usually with a sourdough crust. I’ve heard that sourdough is a bit better on bg but haven’t really tested that out yet. I thought I’d have to give it up entirely, but found that if I have one slice of pizza with a large salad I can do it. Only problem is the recipe lasts forEVER (hmmm maybe that’s good I’ll get sick of it and not want it for awhile!).

I’d like your recipe!