All you can eat pizza night. Oh boy

Hey all, I have an “All you can eat pizza” dinner coming up - and I generally dont do well with my BG after eating pizza, but it’s SO GOOD!

Any tips for me to approach this evening? I normally eat around 6 slices standard size, bolus about 15g carb per slice on dual wave at 55/45 over 2hours.

Got sow better ideas? Thanks!

15 gr per slice seems a little low to me. I’ve found that most run about 20+ depending on the size and manufacturer. Also keep in mind that the size of the pizza affects the carb count in ways you might not expect. A slice from an extra large has fewer carbs than a slice from a large. This is because of the way they cut it. My wife used to work for Pizza Hut (in her high school days) and she explained it to me but I can’t remember the exact reason now.

You have to get the carbs per slice right, but pizza is also loaded with fat and even the protein in the cheese and meat… These will afftec your blood sugar for up to 8+ hours after. Its always been hard to manage for me as well. I always bokus first and then do a square wave bolus after. You can do the same if you wear a pump as well. Good luck either way. Its always better to be to high than to low though.

Oh that sound magical all you can eat pizza I am dreaming,if only it was that easy.
I cant handle pizza at all so I tend to stay well away from it,let me know if you figure out what works and good luck.

As others have said the aftermath is to consider. The graph is nice but the problem is that the carbs will be slowed down by the fat considerably. I usually shoot 70% of the dosage (at the start) and 30% (3 to 4 hours later). Thus I think that the suggested dual wave over 2 hours will not do the trick.

20g per slice seems to work a bit better unless they are those short wedge slices,…

I’ve had good success with 60/40 combo bolus over 4 hours, counting each slice for 30 grams. Last time we had pizza I was 140 at 4 hours. I like traditional thin crust New York style pizza, plain. Before pump I’d take half novolog initially and half in 2 hours. And correction bolus at 4 hours :slight_smile:

Everybody has a little differnet body.You amount of insulin is based on your weight and the number of carbs. I usually do 50% at first and the other 50% as a square wave over 4 hours. Then check every couple of hours.

Well, my approach would be to take about two extra large pies and just eat the toppings and leave the crust. The carbs from the sauce would probably be about 50g, but you could cover that without much problem. The real problem is that sick feeling from a huge dense ball of cheese and meat the size of a basketball in your stomach.

ps. I hope you know I am kidding about the basketball.

I think if you go to, they have every food and restaurant imaginable on ther. All foods are broken down into caloies, carbs, fats, and proteins. That will give at least the number of carbs your eating and then you can calulate and trial/error from there.

Shot for all the replies peeps… Also- apologies for my silly typo’s. I’m usually browsing the forums from my iPhone and the mobile site is a little buggy with the text…

But thank u so much for the replies and the suggestions. I’m going for 20g / slice, 60/40 over 4 hours. And will check at 2h, 3h and 4h.

Will let u kno Friday!

Actually, I would do my best to find out what kind of pizza it will be. If you are planning on eating 6 slices then the room for error increases significantly if you are attributing a “reasonable” carb number per slice. 20 gr x 6 = 120. If you are off by 5 per slice it could be anything from 90 gr (or less) to 150 (or more). With my ratios that could mean either a severe low or severe high.
If you get a better idea of how many carbs per slice you can be much closer to a happy evening that won’t have you chasing highs or lows and worrying about it so much throughout the evening (but don’t use that as an excuse not to test).

I’m with you, Osob. I make really excellent thin crust vegetarian pizza (if I say so myself…lol), but I find I can only eat one slice with a salad and so it’s hardly worth all the trouble. But these pumpers do have their magic waves!!

CalorieKing is good. also is good but realize the values for certain foods are more accurate on the calorieking site…

Hot and sour soup is not 5 carbs at any place I go to :wink:

Sigh, pizza. I kinda remember what it tasted like.

i know this doesn’t really pertain to your question but this is a great way to make an alternative for eating pizza.

Get some weight watchers pita’s (by far lower in carbs than other brands)
Pour some pizza sauce on.
Throw your favorite toppings on.
Let it bake for ten minutes or so at 400 degrees.

Each pita (depending on sauce and toppings) is about 25-30 carbs.

It’s easy, cheap, and delicious! Not to mention - diabetes friendly

So pizza night was interesting… My day started pretty badly as I was trying to get my CGMS up and running, wasted two sensors in the process but eventually I got it. But it only started reading AFTER my pizza… anyway this is how I did it:

Got to the restaurant and started off on a 6mmol/114mg reading. I bolused for 6 slices, at 18g carb per slice (108g carb) 60/40 over 4 hours. Being ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA night though, was going to be tough, as the waiters strolled past the tables with huge plates of pizza, and where there were empty plates on the table they’d fill up. It was crazy, but luckily most of the slices were pretty thin based, even though the slice size varied quite considerably. This obviously meant my original slice size calculation would be abit wonky, but anyway.

In the end it worked out pretty well, it great, but ok. At the end of the 3 hours I was at 11mmol/209mg even though my CGMS was telling me I was at 16mmol/304mg! It slowly came down during the night, and in the morning I woke with a 9mmol/171mg reading, which I wasn;t too bummed about.

Damn the pizzas were good and the lengthy high was definitely worth it. It won;t happen again soon, I think the last time I ate pizza was about 3 months ago, so it was a real treat. Thanks to all for advice and sharing your pizza experiences!