Please give me the low down

Here’s the deal. I really want to give the Omnipod a try. It sounds wonderful to be free from tubes and devices on my hip. However, before I go to my endo I want answers to all the questions. She is an advocate for MiniMed and I want to be able to counter anything that she might have against the Omnipod. Can anyone give me suggestions and help me out with the pros and cons of both the Omnipod and the MiniMed Paradigm. Thanks in advance for any and all help!!!

Well Holly here is my suggestion. The decision of which pump manufacturer you go with is yours and yours alone. Although your Endo is welcome to her opinion, all of the pumps currently on the market have passed the only test that counts the FDA’s, they all have met the requirements necessary for approval. So while she maybe an advocate of the minimed remember that she is employed by you and YOU are your own best advocate in any medical decision.

I have been on the Omnipod for 3 months now and have experienced some pod failures but nothing that major. I love the tubeless system as I have 5 children and the tubing is why I put off pumping for so many years. There has been a lot of opinionated debate about the system here in this forum, my only comment is this:
sure it has some occasional problems (More for some than others), but I don’t think the frequency of its problems are unlike those that other pump manufacturer experiences.
the benefits of this new groundbreaking technology far out weight the problems that some have experienced.

If you like the idea of the system then go for it!
it’s your decision Everyone has an opinion in this case yours is the only one that counts!

Best of luck !


Thanks, Shawn. I appreciate your insight. I know the decision is mine, I just thought it would be easier if I have ammunition for her Minimed pros. Also, she is the one who has to write the prescription so I need to be able to tell her why I want what I want. Thanks for your post. The encouragement helps a lot!!


I’m going to start on the omni pod in december so I can’t say much about it now, but I’m on the minimed and can give you some info on that. The things I do not like …
The tubing always get’s yanked on things for me. It may be just how clutzy I am but I dono it’s a pain.
I have ripped my sites out a lot… Sleeping at night I toss and turn and wrap the tubing around myself. I’ve had a lot of bad sites with my minimed infusions too they are definitly not consistant for me. I also am major nervous everytime I insert my infusion sets. I use their insertor and always stress when it comes to pushing those two side buttons. I know that there are many different infusion sets. I use the 90 degree and can’t really use it at all the sites that the omnipod says i could use their product at. Also I’ve gotten A LOT of scar tissue from this infusion type. My omnipod rep said that since the pods insert themselves it is more accurate to the angle and I shouldn’t develop as much scar tissue… I don’t know if my random ranting thoughts are any help, and most of my problems are because of the infusion sets. Hope you luck!


Hello! I agree with Shawn. Choosing the best insulin delivery system is your option not your Endo’s. You have to live with it and pay for it.

I have been using the Omnipod since May, I love it! I also have a blog I have written a few blogs about the OmniPod. I have a 2 year old and I am very active. I can wear form fitting shirts and not have a problem; there is a minor bugle but it doesn’t bother me.

If you have any questions let us know.

Thanks to everyone for your help. Like I said, I know it is my decision but I have to have a Doc’s signature to get it so essentially it is not really up to me if you know what I mean. If a doc won’t sign off on it then I can’t get it. I’m sure I can find a doc that will, but I live in a VERY rural area and my endo is the only one I can get to without driving about 3 hours. I will just have to talk to her and try my best to convince her to sign for me. Thanks again for all your help.

Oh… I was not aware that due to your geography that you don’t really have a choice in just getting another Endo who will prescribe the Pod. Maybe instead of exclusively trying to lobby for the pod and debate its merits etc… You could just be very candid with her if she is resistant to the pod and say “I want to try it , and would appreciate it if you could respect my wishes and write the prescription”

Very discrete visually (no need to find place to hide tubing or fish it thru clothing etc)
more sight options than traditional tubing pumps
Auto insertion of cannula ( assuring perfect results every time) = better performance
fewer occlusions (no tubing to kink)
less insulin waste ( no need to prime tubing)
more restful sleep (no tubing to get caught up in)
built in BG meter ( less stuff to tote around)
soon (mid 2009) incorporation of CGM receiver into PDM ( I use Dexcom currently)

Don’t have any cons so far
other’s have reported adhesion problems ( I guess this happens with all pumps)

Lots of good info in “Omnipod review: A mixed bag” in this forum

Best of luck


Thank you Shawn. That is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I knew in my heart that was all true, but I really wanted to hear it from someone who has used it so that I know for sure that it is true. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question (twice). Thanks!!

Hi Holly…my 11 year old son has been on the pod for 6 months and I only have great things to say about it! Of course we had some trial and error and we still have days that make us shake our heads…we chalk that up to having diabetes! Maybe your endo is reluctant because she doesnt know much about omnipod and thinks shes looking out for you which is great in a doctor. You’ll just need to do the research and encourage her to do the same. Our sons A1C went from a 7.9 to 6.5 in 90 days. We were all so happy to give most of the credit to the pod. It’s a wonderful new technology that we believe will only get better with time, and the customer service at omnipod is nothing short of wonderful. Everyone is SO nice and willing to help with any trouble you may encounter. I strongly encourage you to do as much research as you can and I hope you get a chance to try it, it’s been wonderful for our family. Our son says he only feels like he has diabetes once every three days when he changes his set. It’s great! Good Luck!

Thanks, Peg. Actually, she was very supportive. She only asked that I find someone who knew more about it to help get me started on it. I will hopefully get to try it in November. That is when the warranty on my current MM pump runs out. Thanks again for the reply.

Hi Holly, I started on the Pod in early August. My endo, whom I adore, had never heard of it. She gave me pamphlets and info on the minimed and cozmo - I met with minimed rep. I had a great experience with the sales rep and almost was persuaded but the tubing freaked me out. Went back to my endo and told her I want to pump, but just can’t live with the tubing. There was no other difference that I could see in the flexibility of the system. She said ok - have them contact me and give me info. They did and she approved. The CDE they sent to my home was awesome. The doctor wanted her to fill in the worksheet with all of the recommended basal/bolus info. They went back and forth with that for a few days while I practiced with saline. I LOVE the Omnipod. I cannot imagine using something with tubing. The Omnipod does have a bit of a profile, but so does the computer you have to attach to your tubing on a traditional pump. It is just an amazing device. I’m on Pod #13 I think and have had NO pod failures - even while innertubing down the river (used some waterproof tape as reinforcement). If my endo refused to consider this device (she is the 7th Endo I have seen) then I would have convinced her somehow or switched. It’s YOUR body, your life and they really just need the info. It is a relatively new product so it is understandable - to some extent. Good luck to you!! :slight_smile: Alice

Thanks Alice. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of switching endos that much. We live very rural and there is one endo that is 30 minutes away. The next one is 2 or more hours, so it is hard for me to go as often as they like for me to. Anyway, she didn’t disapprove, she just admittedly didn’t know enough about it to put me on it. I’m determined to find a way though so I may have to go the 2 hours for a while. It’s just very hard. I’m a stay-at-home mom of a 3-year-old and a 10-week-old so I can’t exactly as for a day off to go to the doctor. Thanks for all the encouragement and info. I really do appreciate it. I WILL FIND A WAY!!! THANKS!!!