Please Make Melissa Our Permanent Leader

Here is her recent interview with the Stacey Sims and I’ll copy in my comment in case it doesn’t show up. Still figuring this stuff out. It’s from the DHF FB page:

“Mmmm…I suffered advocacy burnout by the time my dance career was too-abruptly ended, but I like to do what I can online or with phone calls or letters. I visit and roam at TuD everyday, but, as you know, am still figuring out best ways to participate on the new platform…However----I would like very much to advocate for your permanent leadership of TuDiabetes. You articulate clearly and open-heartedly what we are all about—the “you are not alone” essence rooted in what Manny Hernandez and Andreina Davila envisioned. You embody that, my dear—in your story, in your very presence. Not sure how to express this to the board effectively…PS: While I believe what Kelly is doing is brilliant and important, I don’t do twitter or even a cell phone except when I travel, and as I listened to her, I thought immediately of @MarieB’s quilt where my word was Grief—and it was acceptable with no judgment and no useless attempts at cheerleading…Blessings, as ever…Judith Catterall”

PS—This is very much about “Community” but about much more than the websites.—It’s about our shared community and who will represent us internationally. My personal story is only a tiny piece of our community and doesn’t matter in this context. What matters is to keep the heart of TuD strong and True–that is Melissa, in my opinion…


Oh, sweet @Judith_in_Portland. This warms my heart. Thank you.