Please Please take a second to sign this petition and pass it on to everyone you know

This petition is to try and get the deliberate manipulation/ omission recognised as a diagnosable mental disorder. Currently there is no recognition and as such no real treatment solutions.

I actually can’t believe that in this diabetic community no one has resonded to this

really really disapointed

I have never heard of anyone deliberately skipping their insulin to go into DKA and lose weight - shocking! I signed, but not sure what it will do for you since I am a US citizen.

Fair Winds,

Hey, I just signed as well. Anything to help.


Kudos for all your hard work.

thank you, my faith is slowly being restored

Actually it’s estimated that anywhere up to 50% of young female (although I have personally come across the odd male ) do this - and this petition is global so thank you xxx

I know several females who had this problem. They usually saw people as part of an eating disorder program, who considered it a form of anorexia or bulimia.

But I have the exact opposite problem: I intentionally overinject myself. I wish someone would recognize that as a diagnosable mental disorder, but I’m probably the only person in the world (or one of them) with that problem. It would be nice, though, so at least I won’t get fired (again) when I pass out at work (again).

HI Anna,

That’s really interesting. Can I ask you, what is the mechanism behind that,?
Have you tried CBT?
I actualy did know someone on LiveJournal a few years back who had the same problem

Oh, yes, I’ve tried CBT - I’ve tried several different sorts of therapy. Nothing really helps. I would love to talk to someone with the same problem, but I have no idea how to find them. If you ever find that guy/gal, let me know.

There I got it done! It only took me one time to learn my lesson but for other’s I know it can take more.

Couldn’t this be considered an extension of an eating disorder?

And yes I know several female Type 1’s who will intentionally let their BS go high to lose weight. It makes me sick to my stomach how utterly terrible an idea that is.

It’s awful it really is but it’s worse that it goes ignored. When I was diagnosed with T1 I had already had a lengthy battle with anorexia and then bulimia. This is soooo much worse. Makes you so much sicker so much quicker and is much more loney.

If you are interested please see the website which is now up and running

You know I don’t do this but I’m more than willing to be an ear if you want to talkk.

Thank you all it means a tremendous amount

Ok I signed too. I guess I must be one of those “odd males” who has done this. Never have had a eating disorder but really hate the weight gain from taking insulin. I am working on healthy ways to control my weight, and making an effort to keep up with my insulin.

I’m sorry - I will change the wording of that - just earlier a lady contacted me through the website ( to tell me her 21 year old son had died from insulin ommision

I didn’t take it too personally (I knew what you meant by the statement) I suppose I am a lucky one who hasn’t had any short term affects from it, although I’m sure it hasn’t been good for my long-term health.

I really dread to think how many years I’ve knocked off my life but I’m still here which is more that I can say for some, it really is russian roulette.