Please read my excerpt

I am asking a favor. Please read and rate the excerpt from my Young Adult novel manuscript. The story follows a 15-year-old boy who acquires and struggles with type one. I have uploaded the excerpt onto, which is a site that publishes works based on reader feedback. I know that this is asking quite a bit, especially from someone who is not an overly active member. Simply, my life is hectic. I work three jobs, have two children and have one aspiration, to get published. Throw the everyday grind of life with type one in the mix and you understand how worn out I am. Therefore, please help me. The story is a good read for adults and Young adults. In fact, it has received praise from a local type one support group and the American Diabetes Association. No one, however, has been able to help me get published. That could change. Follow the link and search for THIS SIDE OF NORMAL. It is currently on the main page. I hope you enjoy, can relate and can help. Thanks.


Just got thru reading. I like it. I’d like to read it all. I was only 4 when diagnosed, so I don’t remember how I was before or during the sickness part, but this is a good story.

Cara, thank you for taking the time. If you haven’t already, please rate the work on the site. I’m certain that I could arrange to send you the entire MS. Thanks, again.

So far, I liked what I read. For me, if the story doesn’t move in the first chapter, I won’t even read anymore, so this passes that test. The characters aren’t yet developed, so its hard to judge much beyond that. The bigger question is how will this be different from other memoirs? Keep that in mind as you write!

Not sure where I can hlep with the publishing, but will pass the link onto a few friends who might have an idea. Check out this link: - Kassie is a tudiabetes member. Your story brought back memories. In the sixth grade, licked Nestle Quick off the classroom floor when I was low. I would love to read more.

I went to the bathroom all the time before I was dx, I would love to read more. Keep up the good work

I rated it right after I read. :slight_smile:

Scott, glad you have liked it thus far. It is different from memoirs because it is not a recount of my life but a fictional account of one adolescent’s struggle. If you are interested in the rest of the manuscript, email me: I’ll send it to you. I appreciate the time and interest.

I appreciate any help. Like I wrote to Scott, I’ll gladly email the rest of the manuscript if you are interested. Thanks.

Obviously you understand the flood of the first chapter. Like the rest, let me know and I can email the rest. Thanks.