Please welcome Mila Ferrer!

Diabetes Hands Foundation is thrilled to welcome a new member to our team, Mila Ferrer!! Mila is taking over the role of Community Manager for EsTuDiabetes, the Spanish-speaking sister community to TuDiabetes, and has already gotten off to a fantastic start hosting live events, helping members stay up-to-date on World Diabetes Day activities, and supporting our dedicated team of community volunteers.

Many of you may already know Mila from her extensive involvement in the diabetes online community. Mila started to blog about type 1 diabetes on July 2011, five years after Jaime, her youngest son, was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of three. She is a tireless advocate for more and better education about diabetes, not only for the people affected by this condition and their families, but for the general population. Through her blog Jaime, mi dulce guerrero Mila shares her experiences as the parent of a child with type 1 diabetes, and provides peer-to-peer support for others affected by diabetes. She is a well-known advocate for educating Latino parents who have children with diabetes through her renowned blog, strong social media presence, and participation in health conferences. She has been recognized as a “Diabetes Leader” by the IDF (International Diabetes Federation), and as a Top Latina Influential Blogger, by LATISM . Mila is a member of the Diabetes Advocates (DA), a program of Diabetes Hands Foundation.

Welcome to the team, Mila!!! We are thrilled to have you and excited about the wealth of passion, knowledge, creativity and energy you will bring to Diabetes Hands Foundation and the EsTuDiabetes community!

Welcome Mila from Canada ...diabetes does not know borders !!

Wonderful! Excellent addition to the team!

Wow, what a great story! Nice to hear it Mila!

Welcome to the team!

Mila!!!! :) Very cool!

Welcome Mila, thanks for all you do.

Good to see you Mila. Welcome! Congratulations and Thank You!!