Poem The Night before High Blood Sugars

The Night Before High Blood Sugars

God knocked upon my door, I was scared to let him in,
Is he here to test me, my patience is wearing thin.

I’ve been up all night as you can see,
With my blood sugars higher than should be.

But then I looked into his direction and my eyes could not refrain,
For when I looked at God all I saw was light,
And a voice beckoned me to come and join his side.

He then told me a story, that I really could not believe,
But once I heard it, I really could perceive.

God told me the story of the “Night Before High Blood Sugars”.
You see the night before last, God was watching over me,
And saw me so wrapped up in Christmas and forgetting the most
Important present was “me”.

God told his son Jesus to go stand by my side,
And by doing so shine as the “bedside light”.

For when I am up all night with high blood sugars,
My bed side lamp which lights my way,
Was Jesus shining bright watching over me
And standing by my side.

God told me I never walked alone and that his son Jesus was my
Savior born on Christmas Day

As if I felt suffering, pressured and alone,
We forget the walk Jesus took to get upon his throne.

The moral of this story is Jesus lights my way,
So when I feel I am suffering I remember, I am not alone
That Jesus beseeched me with a gift that I live with every day,
And Jesus lights my path to my blood meter each day.

So I may never forget the path Jesus took for me,
I know I am truly blessed to have the disease.
And to know Jesus sits beside my side and
Collects my tears for me, and that I’ll be alright.

the irony behind this, is I wrote this on Wed Dec 23. The next evening we went to Christmas Eve service at church. The topic on the sermon was “The Light”. How we find comfort in the light of Jesus or the light of the star that shone in Bethleham, how the light fulfills us and makes us feel as if Jesus was standing near us sometimes laying a hand on our shoulder telling us it will be alright. I wrote the pastor and shared my poem. He said my poem made his Christmas a little bit “Brighter” ignoring the pun…Beth Wesselman

Thanks so much for sharing. It was very meaningful to my daughter.


thank you for the comment Larry I and glab you both enjoyed it.