Politics & Diabetes

I am all for the right to vote and someone choice, but I feel that this site is for the diabetic not to push people to vote, sure the healthcare issue is a big deal but it will all be worked out when the election is over no matter who gets into office. This is a diabetic forum not a forum to get someone elected and I resent the fact that someone is trying to get one candidate elected over another.

"sure the healthcare issue is a big deal but it will all be worked out when the election is over no matter who gets into office"

Beth, I’m sure you mean well, but I have to disagree with you. All of us with pre-existing conditions should care about health care policy, and we can’t just take it for granted that the government will “get it right.”

Yes this is a forum for people with diabetes, and the direction that our country decides to go politically may affect all of us directly in the coming years. Stem cell research, insurance coverage, prescription policies, pre-existing conditions…theses are all HUGE issues that are important to many of us voters.

Forums like this are the perfect place to discuss how politics can affect our lives as diabetics. Why would any diabetic want to hide from the issues? Why would pretend like the government, no matter who is elected, will just “work it out” ?

Sorry, but “trying to get one candidate elected over another” is the very meaning of democracy, and tuDiabetes members should participate in the democratic process just like any other interest group.

So on that note…VOTE FOR OBAMA :slight_smile:


Everyone will make up their own mind when it comes down to it, no matter who any of us promote.

Even Oprah.

But as responsible citizens we should always support good policy over bad policy and do whatever we can do to help “the chips” fall toward the direction we feel is right. Tastefully, of course.

So finally on that note…DON’T FORGET TO VOTE :slight_smile:

I am Canadian but I will step into American politics for a minute. I have been hearing about health care changes in the US since the days of JFK and no matter who was leading the government, nothing has changed. So expecting things within the next 4 years is a bit of dreaming in colour. With your huge population, healthcare funding such as ours, would be unrealistic in my opinion. Hell, Bush even vetoed increasing health care for certain children this past year. I am sorry that I don’t remember the exact circumstances. When the bill was rewritten, he vetoed it again.

I believe that this fear in solialist style healthcare is frightening to the American political system. You don’t even take care of your vetrans who suffered and were victims of a stupid war.

Of the 2 candidates in the upcoming election, I would think that Obama would be the more likely to attempt to reform the system in the US.

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